Saturday, December 14, 2013

Ben Prestatge, Johnnie Marshall and Franc Robert & The Boxcar Tourists at Southern Pines Blues & BBQ Festival

We went to Perry, again! This time our friend Terry "El navegante" came along. First time ever to attetnd a BBQ event of this magnitude. IMPRESSIVE and congratz out to the organizers! One small disappointment - BBQ tasting did not start until the next day, but otherwise we were at 100%! Great drive over, easy, close-by parking (FREE), easy entry to festival area (FREE), EXCELLENT music (FREE!), the food we did purchase was excellent and priced fairly, the open theater/stage area was very nicely laid out, the sound very good (except that little problem that seemed to have something to do with Johnnie's amp), friendly people, and a surprise all-you-could-eat fried shrimp and catfish dinner for $10 available to the general public after the registered BBQers and the festival staff had their go at it... and there still was PLENTY! Things got started within minutes of the stated 5pm start time and stayed on track throughout the evening. Had the chance to talk a bit with Ben and meet his family. If you don't know Ben, or of him, he is a man worth checking out and getting to know. Florida's reputation in the world for music is safe in his hands, and us having an ambassador of his nature and character is something all Floridians can be proud of , for good reason. 

Franc Robert & The Boxcar Tourists got things rolling from the get-go, and Johnnie Marshall warmed everyone's soul with his southern blues - we don't hear enough of you Johnnie!

Another BIG reason to get there today (Saturday!) besides being able to taste the competitor's goods is that the venue is both outdoors AND indoors. They have a great big pavilion that is complete with stage and seating in case that cool rainy front comes through that they are predicting for later today.

All this, and done early enough to take the two hour drive back to G'ville to catch the last half of Little Mike and The Tornadoes show at their debut performance at KC Crave. GREAT to have Toots & Chad, Pete Karnes and Sheba all take a spin or two up on stage! Will check the vids for adult content and let you know if they get posted! 

Below is what I captured at Southern Pines. Debby will be adding more later. Off to a musical wedding today, so gotta git. Later!


Forest Capital State Museum: 204 Forest Park Dr, Perry, FL 32348 Southern Pines Blues & BBQ Festival, FREE, Friday, Dec 13: 5pm – Franc Robert & The Boxcar Tourists (Main Stage), 6:30pm - Ben Prestage (Main Stage), 8pm -  Johnnie Marshall Band (Main Stage); Saturday, Dec 14: 11am - Betsy Badwater (Main Stage), 12:30pm - Franc Robert & The Boxcar Tourists (Main Stage), 2pm – Ben Prestage (Main Stage), 3:30pm – Johnnie Marshall Band (Main Stage), 7pm -  Ben Prestage (Main Stage), 8:30pm - CS Holt Blues Band (Main Stage).
Mr. Ben Prestage and family. Florida at its finest...Thanks!

Mighty fine $6 pulled pork! Got our money's worth here!!!!

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