Thursday, September 8, 2011

Northeast Florida Jazz Musicians Launch "Local Scene" Awareness Initiative

Kevin MacKenzie

"I wanted to let you know about a facebook page we've made and a podcast that goes with it - featuring original jazz music from musicians in NE Florida (specifically St. Augustine to New Smyrna - although the podcast might later feature some music from more distant areas in FL). The page's main purpose is to connect the many jazz musicians in the area to the 75,000 people in Palm Coast, as well as neighboring cities, and to generate excitement about the music they make; and ultimately to get some club/lounge/restaurant owners to open their doors to jazz...once we prove there's a clientele for them to do so. The fb page also has a calendar - it is not meant to be competition to yours, it is directed specifically at PC residents."

Palm Coast Jazz Facebook Page
Palm Coast Jazz Podcast

Palm Coast Jazz blog
All the best and Peace - Kenny MacKenzie

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