Monday, September 26, 2022

Jazz & Blues Florida On The Road! At the Red Rooster in Madison WI for The Jimmys!

 Jazz & Blues Florida On The Road!

September 23, 2022 The Red Rooster 2513 Seiferth Road Madison, WI 53716 The JIMMYS Another packed house. Another night of people having fun and enjoying some fine music, that these musicians have fun making for us. And enjoying the people gathered here. Great sound - large band in a relatively small room and YOU CAN HEAR THE MUSIC! How sweet is that compared to the TOO LOUD places? People drinking, dancing and eating on a Wisco Friday night. The good life, indeed...

And, probably the last music I get to up here before heading south to Florida in a week. It'll take me (Us?!?! For a little drama affect people...hehehe) a week or so to get there via King Biscuit Fest, Oxford Fest, BB's in Memphis, BB's in St. Louis, The Alamo in Springfield and once in FLA stops at the Bradfordville Blues Club and the Forgotten Music fest before I get back to my desk. Keep on eye on the JBF social media accounts and follow the bouncing hat... SOUTHBOUND!

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