Monday, April 19, 2021

Phill Fest's CAFE FON FON is Now Available World-wide

Cafe Fon Fon*

Originals and Classics
that Captures the
Groove, Melody and Happiness
of Brazilian Music.

Phill Fest’s background and training give his musicality a unique twist uncommon for his generation, he was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and grew up in a musical family. His father is a recording artist and his mother a composer and music instructor. Phill was exposed to Brazilian and American Jazz right from the start. “I remember hangin’ with Sergio Mendez backstage many times as a kid.” His father, Manfredo Fest, was the Keyboardist and Music Director for Bossa Rio, the opening act for Brasil ’66 for three years. Phill started guitar at age 16, having already studied clarinet and violin, the ‘six string’ came easy. He has traveled the world with many national acts and enjoys performing Jazz, Brazilian Jazz, Tropical Jazz and international music with a very versatile repertoire of music.

*Cafe Fon Fon is famous club in Porto Alegre, Brazil that was specially created for people to gather and hear Brazilian  jazz, Bossa Nova and instrumental music by the best musicians. 

Phill Fest - Guitar/Vocals/Compositions
Beatriz Malnic - Vocals
Tuti Rodrigues - Percussion
Pablo Gil - Sax/Flute
Paul Shewchuk - Bass
Mike Brothers - Drums
Antonio Adolfo - Piano

(561) 714-6325

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