Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Anthony Wild's Gonna have to call a tow-truck Release - Timeless Tales of The Blues

Anthony Wild
An All American Blues Musician

With inspiration and experience ranging over years of the Blues, Anthony Wild brings you back to a time when music was pure, raw and exciting. Join and take part in his plentiful journey’s with his latest release, written and titled on personal experience, Gonna have to call a tow-truck. Produced by Kenny Neal, you KNOW it's gotta be good!

“Music has always been about healing and expression for me. Its an avenue to releasing what is inside your soul. It’s why I’ve always been so attracted to the blues, because I’ve lived them.” - Anthony Wild.

Originally from Wisconsin, Anthony began singing at 4 years of age. This served as a basis to inspire him to continue during his teen years, as he began to sing and record after his family moved to Florida.

This would eventually change, several years later, after moving to Daytona Beach, Florida, in 1994. This is where he began to perform locally in clubs, festivals and concerts and pick up his dream to pursue blues singing once again, bringing him new inspiration.

His drive to pursue blues singing was challenged when he later on in life developed a cancer. He was blessed with the overwhelming love and support of wonderful and faithful friends in his life who uplifted him throughout this battle. Their faith and Anthony’s endurance brought him to the idea that, after being given a second chance, he should devote himself to helping kids find their musical passion in life. As he had had a great value in music throughout his entire life, he decided that he should give back to those who are inspired within the younger generations in the same way: through music. This is when Kids Rock the Nation was founded. By mentoring young kids through gifting them with instruments and encouraging their musical growth, he gains an uplifting sense of satisfaction and confidence in his choice.

Through his Kids Rock the Nation program, he wishes to provide schools and groups of kids with the key to a long and prosperous musical career. From the submissions provided to Kids Rock the Nation, one requirement of the selected kids is their desire to learn, so he targets settings where that will be highly encouraged. In this way, Kids Rock the Nation has donated countless instruments across the US to schools and individuals alike providing them with guitars, drums, keyboards, violins, and many other instruments.

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