Monday, April 5, 2021

A.J. Crawdaddy - Pandemically Induced New Blues Single Release Follows Up Fall Album

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Monday, April 5, 2021 ~  9pm EST
Hosted by Vinny Bond Marini
"The band has released Steppin’ Out and I get 
to sit with leader Angelo Rossi about his fascinating 
career and the music he makes." 
Additional guests on tonight's show:
Rev Peyton
A.J. Fullerton
Kat Danser

Born Angelo J. Rossi, AJ Crawdaddy is a gifted guitarist/vocalist who reached the pinnacle of the music industry in the early 1990s as a member of the multi-platinum pop-rock group Pablo Cruise.

A man who’s recorded with Jefferson Starship and worked with Jaco Pastorius, Hughie Lewis, Airto, Kid Andersen and Flora Purim, among others, he walked away from the music business for a career in sales after the release of Cruise’s last album. But his love for the business hasn’t waned. As gifted in studio as he is on stage, he’s owned and operated The Cave Studios in Mountain View, Calif., for years, recording many Bay Area artists, including two-time Blues Music Award nominee Terrie Odabi and guitarists Steve Freund and Terry Hiatt, just to name a few.

Mark Thompson Senior Writer for Blues Blast had THIS to say about STEPPIN’ OUT! on Cave Records.  (Mark now lives in Florida, where he is enjoying the sun and retirement. He is the past President of the Board of Directors for the Suncoast Blues Society and a former member of the Board of Directors for the Blues Foundation.)

And, another Florida-connection, Marty Gunther, had THIS to say about his previous 2018 release, SLOW COOKIN'! 

Releasing Records in a Pandemic!

"The business of selling music as an independent artist is getting crazy and evolving rapidly.  Where I once had CD Baby as my on-line store, that is no longer available.  CD Baby is so inefficient and cumbersome that I abandoned them and went with Distrokid for distribution on all of the, "Virtual Stores" and "Streaming" sites.  As I went through the process this time, I found that Bandcamp was and remains the best way to release an "Indie" record.  The ability to build your own "Album" complete with accurate credits and lyrics, identifying technical aspects of the recording is more like the Old School records of my day (60's ~ 70's).  There's more information to read and digest and I like that!  It's also quite versatile, for Merch sales and fan base capture.  Bandcamp enables the artist to see immediate monetary results and gives us access to those who purchase our music via a "touch" point, their email!!  The "other' corporate tools such as Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc., they remain aloof and not artist centric.  They alienate rather than include the artist in "touch" or true data gathering.  They steal it all and take their cut!  They give you a monthly report after the fact and it's too late by then.  Pretty distressing and onerous in my view.  The only reason I included them in the release was to keep my All Music, Grammy Voting status and even then, that is dubious as they seem only cater to the Major labels.  indie's get the short end of the stick.  

So all hail the good folks at Bandcamp for building a vehicle that supports the artists and not the shareholders!  Bravo!"
 All appearances are cancelled due to 
Coronavirus.  Be safe out there people!
This just in from AJ! "First gig is this Saturday at the Wharf House in Capitola, CA. Out on a Pier, on the roof of the restaurant.. outside and the weather is shaping up! "

(650) 245-0984 

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