Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Alessandro Fadini and Josiah Boornazian On Tour in Miami in Support of New Release "A Dark and Stormy Day"

Original artists with 
original compositions.

"Pianist Alessandro Fadini brings together a subtle and spacious team of Josiah Boornazian/as-ss, Jakob Dreyer/b and Luke Markham/dr through a subtly swinging session that is filled with lovely pastels. Boornazian’s alto is Konitz-cool and lyrical, opening the album with a warm improvisation of the title track. After that, you get soft flower petals floating as piano and bass daintily dance on “Window Ledge” and Markham’s brushes sashay on “Elegy For The Living Dead.” Together, the rhythm team creates some subtle undercurrents for Boornazian on the tensile “No Thrills II” and funky “Juno.” Fadini shows his patience on the quietude of “No Thrills I” and the nimble “Mayall’s Object” Thoughtful, filled with the pastels and grey shadows of song."
-George W. Harris (Jazz Weekly)

October 11, 2017 ~ 10PM-12AM
Josiah Boornazian with Alessandro Fadini, Lowell Ringel
and John Yarling 
Sunset Tavern Miami, 7230 SW 59th Ave., South Miami, FL 33143

October 13, 2017 ~ 7:30-11:30PM
Josiah Boornazian with Alessandro Fadini and Friends
Books and Books, 265 Aragon Avenue, Coral Gables, FL 33134

October 16, 2017 ~ 9PM-12AM
Josiah Boornazian with Alessandro Fadini, Dan Montgomery, 
and Lucas Apostoleris 
Lagniappe, 3425 NE 2nd Ave., Miami, FL 33137

October 18, 2017 ~ 8-11PM
Josiah Boornazian, Alessandro Fadini, Lowell Ringel, 
and Lucas Apostoleris
The Fish House Miami,10000 SW 56th St., Miami, FL 33165

Alessandro Fadini is an Italian-born, New York-based pianist and composer. Alessandro recently released his first album as a leader, the highly collaborative A Dark and Stormy Day (Fresh Sound New Talent Records, 2016, FSNT: 507), which features his and Josiah’s original compositions. Also formally educated in advanced mathematics, Alessandro’s richly complex playing has been described as “aggressive” and “├╝ber-proficient,” and his collaborations with Josiah are known to be “subtle and spacious.”

A Doctor of Musical Arts student and graduate teaching assistant at the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music, Josiah Boornazian is an award-winning saxophonist, composer, and educator currently active in Miami, New York City, Washington state, Europe, and California. Known for his use of electronic effects pedals, creative improvisation, and his unique original compositions, Josiah's high-energy music blends jazz, electronica, rock, classical, and ethnic influences into an atmospheric and dense palette which is exciting, innovative, and wide-ranging in emotional impact. Rooted in groove-based post-fusion, Josiah's music combines musical surprise and variety with head-thumping beats and ear-bending sonic textures.

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