Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Longest Day...(uh oh! Sounds like we are in store for more of Allen Kanovsky's war stories! Well, if the AFTER party at the Funky Biscuit lasted 7+ hours, I guess it was!)

Submitted by Al Kanovsky 03/23/14

...for me, started with the tedious task of doing the laundry and the dishes. Fortunately the manual portion is done by machine not including folding. It became brighter with breakfast and writing my review of Friday----and then the fun began. 

I set off for Pompano Beach and an event named "Crawdebauchery". Anything that involves debauchery usually means some odd and sinful behavior. The only thing sinful was the admission price--$33, and the types and amounts of food that was offered. Menus were by The Funky Biscuit, Rosie Baby's, Catfish Deweys and Trinity Lutheran Chrch/Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. All N'Awlins faves were listed from crawfish, gumbo and jambalaya to po'boys and muffalettas. The music was also a reflection of Louisiana culture. BLUES, Rock and Zydeco. 2 stages kept the live music going all day and into the night. Well, maybe $33 is not a lot when you're getting all that entertainment. A less than 2 hour movie cost you 11 or 12 bucks and you don't get to see live gals, shaking their very live B&B's. I arrived in time to catch "The Stooges Brass Band" do their march-off. The band had 2 drummers, tuba, trombone and trumpet. Next on stage was the "Remedy Krewe". Dustan Chiasson (vocals/guitar) Micha Boswell (drums), Jeremy Delle (bass), Chad Carlile (keys/harp) and Brad Walker (tenor sax). They sound great and play the music of the 'young' New Orleans. Tunes like "Do It To Me", "Ain't No Devil In Disguise" and "Live It On Up". What prompted them to do some Rap or as my pal Jimmy Belize describes it C-rap. They redeemed themselves by playing some driving rhythms that had the gals up and movin'. 

During the break I visited with Stan Street (musician/artist/raconteur and general good guy). He designed the posters and t-shirt art for the festival and had a booth displaying his fun-filled artwork. His daughter and her family were there visiting. All of them are beautiful. 

Jimmy and I wander over to the Zydeco stage. Dwayne Dopsie and the Zydeco Hellraisers are tearing down non-existent walls and the sound is carrying off to the high blown clouds. The band (best as I could make out) Kim Phillips (keyboard), Dion Pierre (bass), Kevin Mylam (drums). I am sorry I couldn't get the washboard players name. He did a solo that would be any percussionists dream. They had about 50 couples dancing on a dance floor and maybe another 300 lounging on chairs or stretched out on the lawn. The band did Cajun classics like "Jambalaya" and "Iki-Iko". I don't care how you were feeling, Zydeco music just makes you feel 'good'. 

A half muffaleta sandwich served up by Kilmo Doome hit the spot. I came to find out that Kilmo, himself, was up until 5AM in the morning making the meats and cheeses and olive mixture ready for service. 

Back to the Jam stage and Bonerama. 3 'bones, tuba, drums and bass. Wow! What a sound and outstanding musicianship. Funk, rock, some JAZZ and BLUES. Tunes played were from every genre of New Orleans music. "Hey, What's Your Name", "Happy", "Mister Lonely" were among those songs in the program. Talk about tuba --- this horn man played some tuba. 

During their program I spot an older guy, dressed in black, carrying an umbrella, two-tone shoes and an old style grey fedora. None other than Piano Bob dancing with two gals, Naomi Patterson and Ema Takanohashi. 

The sun is setting and I leave to make my way to The Funky Biscuit for the "After Party". 

It is sunset time and I am  unaware that I will not get home 'til nearly sunrise. My "longest day" still has a long way to go. I would suggest you get a snack and hydrate before going on to the rest of this blog review. I kiss all the waitresses I know and find a seat at the small secondary bar. The Rockin' Jake band takes the stage. On guitar, Anton LaPlume. Bass has Cleveland Frederick and on drums Maurice "ChocolateThunder" Dukes. Rockin' Jake plays harp and does the vocals. He also composes some really good songs. Their playlist includes some classic BLUES and Rockin' Jake originals. "A Teeny Part of You", "Be My Nina-nina Do", the original "Love Conquers Hate", "I Just Want To Lose the Blues" another original "Broken Promises" and more. They close their portion with "One More Mile To Go". But they can't leave yet. The audience is on their feet pleading for 'one more'. We are treated to "Hot Sauce" and a 'Chocolate Thunder' solo. Al Poliak joins in. 

Am I having a good time? In gambling circles it is known as an "out-bet", meaning there are no odds great enough. Renowned guitarist Brian Stolz takes the stage with Kilmo Doome (bass), Jeff Renza (drums) and the legendary John Gros at the B3 and doing  vocals. ooooweee baby. "Waiting For The Phone To Ring" and you become aware that Brian does things with his "Stratocaster" that is almost unreal. John adds to the excitement with a rousing B3 solo. It's Bourbon Street moved to Boca. When they play "Sugar Town" everyone is tappin' and clappin' and a bunch of the cute things in the audience are up doing that B&B thing. 

A rousing vocal rendition by John, "Everybody Sing, Sing, Sing" keeps the dancers on the floor. A couple of guys get up to join in. It strengthens my belief that not only can't white boys jump, they can't dance either. (except for me, of course)

The band is in a BLUES groove when they play "Sugar For Me". I notice a young couple doing the dance step known as the "Fish" that was defined in the late 1940's. They obviously know each other quite well. Her name is Vivian Schlogel and he is Simon Frayberg. My Dad's name was Simon and I know he never danced like that with my Mother. One of the ladies, dancing to the rhythms is especially sensual in her movements. She is dressed in a kind of red gown, to the floor and bare shouldered. Her name is Courtney Arnold. Unfortunately, at least for me, she is happily married. The girl CAN move. 

The Jam is on when Mark Mullins and Greg Hicks, trombones from Bonerama and tenor man Brad Walker from Remedy Krewe join in. Kilmo solos. The 'bones are blowing the roof off, Brad takes me back to the day of 'honkers and bar walkers'. Brian wails, Al Poliak takes the B3, Piano Bob is here and plays the piano board, Rockin' Jake  returns, Cadillac Chuck takes a turn on harp----this day will never end---I hope.

"It's A Quarter To 3" and there are lots of people besides me in the Biscuit. Not a single soul has left for the last 7 1/2 hours. I leave The Funky Biscuit with 'good vibrations'  pacing my heart. 

It is now 9:40 AM Sunday. I gotta get some sleep. There will be more music, JAZZ or BLUES somewhere today. I wouldn't want to miss it------ hmmm, Wendy is somewhere this afternoon.

Al's Disclaimer:
A short note: The reason I write this is because I love music and words. I do not book acts. I do not promote acts. I do not accept invitations to review artists. I go to venues of my own choice. When and where is not influenced by anything other than who I would like to hear that night or day. If I don't like what I hear, I won't write about it. When I like it I let you all know. I never mention a name without asking permission. "Pardon me, Miss. Would you like to dance?"       

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