Friday, March 28, 2014

Another JAZZ filled day...(Like this is new news from Allen Kanovsky?)

Submitted by Al Kanovsky 03/27/14 'paradise'. Hey, not only for me. Almost 200 folks came to the plaza outside the Coral Gables Art Museum yesterday. It was the final concert of the series hosted by the Miami JAZZ Co-op. Both the Mayor and past Mayor were there. Jeannette Pina and her Dad, Donna Blue, Hanah Tolgin, Frank Consola, Felipe LaMoglia and a lovely woman who remebered I wrote about her before, Ms. Lina Aguda, were among the attendees. They came from as far away as Ft. Lauderdale and even Mr. Gerald Bass, a JAZZ fan from South Africa. Why wouldn't they come-----Federico Brito and Nicole Yarling together, on the same bill. JAZZ violin at it's very best. Include Brian Murphy (piano), Chuck Bergeron (bass) and John Yarling (drums) and draw your own conclusions. By the way, Nicole and John Yarling are not sister and brother. The first song, "After You've Gone" is a classic JAZZ piece from way back in the day. Federico, first to solo and then Nicole. A little fiddle feud of 8's and 4's. Brian, Chuck and John all get their turn in the spot(sun)light. If you want to know what JAZZ is about, all you need to do is listen to Nicole sing a song "A Simple Social Call". If you listen to a lot of JAZZ there is something familiar about the chord changes. I know!!! No, I don't!!! It's ????. I dig deeper and can't connect the dots. Thankfully Nic reveals the basis for the tune "I'm In the Mood For Love". That's JAZZ. Take a chart, reshape it, rephrase it and then let out the news ---. Federico digs into the swing era for "Avalon" during which Chuck plays a truly impressive solo and John/Federico trade 4's. Much fun. Nic in the key of G, sings another oldie "Easy To Do". It also harkens back many years ago. Loving Nicole's variations is truly 'easy to do'. Federico introduces "Besame Mucho" as a Cuban tune. If memory serves me correctly, the composer was a young Mexican girl. But no matter. They play to a romantic bolero rhythm with Brian adding clave with his solo --- side note --- Brian is of Irish descent. In spite of that impediment, at one point he was the arranger for the Tito Puente Orchestra. Irish parents and a Latin soul!!!! Nic vocalizes a hot scat portion and then trades humorous violin 2's with Federico. They all swing when Nicole sings "Lover Come Back To Me", up-tempo. Nicole scats ---Brian and Chuck trade 4's, then Nic and John take a turn--drums/vocals--8's, 4's and 2's---JAZZ.

Federico and Nicole play together. It's the song that Flo and I fell in love to back in 1956. From the film "Picnic". "Moonglow". Memories of a life time flashed by while I tried to remeber the lyric.--'It had to be moonglow, that brought you to me'----Flo had just turned 20. I was 24. We met in mid-June. We were married just before the year ended. Brian is featured doing a BLUES tune and the program ended with a lively "I'm Beginning To See the Light". 

I grab a quick lunch--coffee and an 'apple fritter at Dunk'n and go home for a short nap --- Blue Jeans Blues is on the sched. I promise, this great American novel is in the final chapter---read on...

I am going to BJB's for one reason. Ben Champion is going to be there. You want to here saxophones and flute --- you listen to Ben --- BLUES, JAZZ, Funk. Whether straight-ahead or bopped to the max, Ben is the MAN. Steve Kornicks (percussion) is there for the same reason. So are all the folks who have crammed into the joint. Danny Burger (drums) hosts the Showcase with James Kidwell (guitar) and Vince Anthony (Kb/vocals) completing the band. Jimmy Belize (his photo of me at the top) and his friend Jean have joined me for the music and a pizza. Ben sets the mood with a bopped up Samba. He's got everybody tappin' right off. Vince follows with a vocal "I've Got You Under My Skin". Ben does a swinging JAZZ solo. James, who hasn't seen or played with Ben for 30 years, comes up with a BLUES titled "I'm A Phone Booth Baby". I wish I could have understood the lyric. Unfortunately, like most BLUES guitarist/vocalists James knows how to use the guitar amp for effect but has no 'mic' technique. Ben switches to alto for a straight-ahead melody which I don't remember the title of. No matter. It is pure good-listening. During the next song, "No Greater Love", Ben shows his sense of humor quoting 'ooh bop sh bam flooglemop' during his solo. 4's all around bring the song to a rousing conclusion. Talking about the past, Vince sings "Do Nothing 'til You Hear From Me". When I was 16 years old, working for a comic named B.S. Pully in a club called the "Pump Room" on Miami Beach, my fellow band members insisted that I sing. They did that because my trumpet playing s-------d. "Do" was my favorite song. If I only--------.

The 2d set opens with a jumping "Smack Dab In the Middle". The dance couple, Martine & Jacques are in the house and doing their thing. At the request of long-time fan, Stan Jackson, Ben does some Straight-ahead JAZZ with "I Remember April". James follows with a BLUES shuffle, "Before You 'cuse Me". Martine & Jacques are back on the floor and that encourages others to join them. Vince sings the ever=popular "You Don't Know Me". Two, very pretty, young things have come to BJB's. One in skin tight leather pants. The other, somewhat taller, in thigh-hi suede boots. The hem line of her skirt makes no attempt at coming close to the boot-tops. They are Gloria Grina and Jenny Boggio. To make a long story longer, as Jenny is returning from powdering her nose (do woman still do that?) I let her know that we will dance --- She looks me, up and down. Old-short-fat. What more could any woman want. "Okay" she says. We do. Everyone in the joint is wide-eyed, with mouths agape. I don't blame them. My only thought --- Thank you for the blessings. I revel in the thought for the rest of the evening. Remebering little else but the final couple of tunes --- maybe --- "My One and Only Love" ---"Moondance" --- Ben quoting "Flying Home" during one of them --- Danny featured on "Green Dolphin Street" James singing "Cross-cut Saw"---"Mercy,Mercy" and closing with Ray Charles' "Hallelujah, I Just Love Her So". 

While leaving, Jimmy, Jean and I run into Clarence. A heated discussion about what JAZZ is or isn't ensued. I confess to being opinionated ---Clarence is OPINIONATED!!!  I need a drink.  

Al's Disclaimer:
A short note: The reason I write this is because I love music and words. I do not book acts. I do not promote acts. I do not accept invitations to review artists. I go to venues of my own choice. When and where is not influenced by anything other than who I would like to hear that night or day. If I don't like what I hear, I won't write about it. When I like it I let you all know. I never mention a name without asking permission. "Pardon me, Miss. Would you like to dance?"       

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