Friday, March 28, 2014

Some serious great music - Jazz Blues Florida's Saturday - Thursday travels.... Gainesville, Boca, Delray, Delray, Fort Pierce, Limestone, Sarasota, Tioga... next????

Well, it has been a long week, and the transmission held up! Needed to check the mail and make some sales calls in person (yes, JBF is ONLINE, but if you want to close sales and make real connections, nothing beats face-to-face and a handshake! So, off we go for a quick spin between the March and April editions! Got to see SOOO many great people, excellent music venues, night music of the highest order, and take in the last of the free AC that was prevalent across the state. Nice! (PS - the deadline for sales orders for the April edition is TODAY! Email me NOW at if you want in!

Come on Lil' Buddy, time to hit the road!

  • Saturday - Little Mike & The Tornadoes at Great Outdoors in High Springs
  • Sunday - Pete Karnes Band Hosts NCFBS jam in Gainesville at Dirty Bar
  • Monday - Funky Biscuit jam night w/ (get this... jam night /no cover!) Terry Hanck and his California Band, JP Soars and the Red Hots, Brandon Santini Band, and a host of other talent joining in!
  • Tuesday - Carmen Bradford at Arts Garage w/ Kenny Drew Jr, Bob Stone, Rodney Rojas & Paul Shewchuk
  • Tuesday (After Arts Garage) - Brandon Santini Band at Boston's on the Beach for Blue Tuesday.
  • Wednesday - Jim McCreavy sixtet with Steve Ahern at Fort Pierce Jazz & Blues Society's waterfront noon Jazz Week Series.
  • A drive-by to Herb's Limestone Country Club. Where is that? In Limestone. Where is Limestone? Nine miles south of Ona. Where the heck in Ona? Just west of Fort Basinger! GOTTA get back to this place for some Belmont and Jones Sunday afternoon...
  • Wednesday (yes, the SAME Wednesday!) - Ocean Blues in Sarasota w/ xxxx.
  • Wednesday (yep... still the same day but last stop!) - The Blue Rooster in Sarasota for a bit of the ever-swinging Ari & The Alibis!
  • Thursday - Debby's Birthday at Sabore in Town of Tioga (west of Gainesville) to the smooth & elegant sound of Mark Raisch and Charlie Millard.

Well, it is now Friday... what shall we do tonight??????????????? STAY HOME AND GET CAUGHT UP ON SOME COMPUTER WORK SO WE GET THE APRIL EDITION OUT ON TIME!

(Vids and commentary to be added below... sometime......)

Have the videos loaded - you can see they whole playlist at:


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