Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Soulfonic - Chicago Blues & Memphis Soul at Blue Tuesday #186 - Photos and vids of Florida Blues

Congratz to the Miami Heat for going 3 of 4 last night, and thanks to them for making it relatively short game so heads could turn back to stage at Boston's on the Beach to focus on what really Billy Seward's new group, Soulfonic, has been out all over Florida recently and this was the first night I caught up with them for a full evening. The band plays a great mix of the blues and truly has one foot in Chicago and the other in Memphis. Their slow-burners, guitar leads, and a bunch of horn-backed bumpin' tunes are definitely not stuck in rut, and the each player moves from one to the other in easy transition. All this, mixed with Boston's well controlled sound, the fine people that were there, the great service and food & bev, made for one of the most relaxing nights of music I have had in awhile, and lot closer to the zone where the music can sink in and be enjoyed in total. Thanks to all for letting this happen! Here are some pics and vid clips for  you. Please note I only do clips, not full songs, because the intent here is give you a peek into the scene and motivate you to get out and be part of it...we need you.

Soulfonic performing Latimore's LET'S STRAIGHTEN IT OUT

Jason Rozner & "One Night" Stan Waldman

Soulfonic performing Luther Allison's WHAT HAVE I DONE WRONG?

Soulfonic w/ Famous Frank, in blue

Soulfonic at Boston's on the Beach's Blue Tuesday Feat. Stan Waldman on Sax

Mr. Ron Wilson, keeping it all together, way, way
in back!

June 19, 2012
Boston's on the Beach's Blue Tuesday Hosted by Famous Frank
Soulfonic - Chicago Blues & Memphis Soul
Billy Seward - guitar & vocals
Stan Waldman - sax
Vinnie Fontana - bass
Philip Bithell - Key
Ron Wilson - Drums
Jason Rozner - Trumpet

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