Monday, June 11, 2012

Blues Program Turns to Listeners for Immediate Support


Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let you know what is going on with The Sunday Blues. As most of you know we  are always struggling to find sponsors and keep the show on the air. Even though I donate my time and so does Gerardo it costs 300$ per week to keep the show on the air. We have been thankful to have weekly sponsors past and present that have helped us succeed in staying on the airwaves and we thank each and every one of them for their support. Past sponsors Dr. Mike Ancona and Country Side Dental, AMF Tire, Sound Advice, various car dealerships, and Granite Transformation that Michelle Castgilia  found for us, and present sponsors the South Florida Blues Society, Boston's on the Beach  and Fishtales on 33rd St and the Big Easy in Hollywood.

The bad news:
We had a short amount  of time when we were in between  a couple of hourly sponsors and fell behind in our monies owed to BEACON, who runs the station.  The $300 per week goes to pay  the advisor who has to come to the station to open and close on Sunday and be responsible for the school, and also for upkeep of the equipment. They have been gracious in giving us more time to come up with the funds owed, but the fiscal year is closing for their  accounting  department and we have until the end of June to pay the past due balance of $3,900.

The Sunday Blues on WKPX 88.5FM is in danger of being suspended or cancelled completely . As you know the show helps support the music scene here in South Florida and has been a staple of the Blues Community for just shy of 2 decades.

On of the other obstacles for fundraising is that we are not allowed like most non profit station's to do on air fundraisers. We have to rely on our supporters to help us have events and raise the money to keep going.

OK now the good news, Boston's on the Beach and Blue Tuesday have agreed to help with a Fundraiser this Tuesday June 12th. We will have raffles, auction items and live music by the Nucklebusters with Muggie Doo.
We are hoping that everyone will spread the word, and do whatever you can to help us raise the money we need to stay on air.

More good news, Albert Castiglia has also agreed to help with a fund raiser at this cd release party on June 23rd at the Downtowner. We will again have raffles, etc and a portion of door sales will help out the Sunday Blues.
We are thrilled by the support of our loyal fans and musicians, and thank you in advance for your help.

Even more good news. We should be able to maintain our show after we pay the past due amount. We have enough sponsors at this time to continue with:
  • The South Florida Blues Society
  • Boston's on the Beach
  • Fishtales on 33rd
  • Big Easy
  • Bluzpik Media 
We are also looking into grants for the show to try to ease the burden of underwriting.

WE are urging everyone to do what they can to support the fundraisers and if anyone is interested in doing any fund raising on behalf of the show please let me know. We are also looking for raffle silent auction  items for both events and any ideas or help is certainly appreciated. The Show will end be suspended in July if we are not caught up financially with Beacon, and we will do our best to continue the internet broadcast if we have to discontinue live radio broadcast.

Thanks so much for supporting the how, we hope to make it our 20 year anniversary of the show which would be in April 2013.

Peace, Love and Blues!
Darlene Lopez
"Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." 
--  Berthold Auerbach


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