Friday, June 8, 2012

everyone was there

Submitted by Al Kanovsky, 6/08/12

Billy Marcus came back in to town and it seems everyone came out to listen. And why not!!! This all happened Wednesday at BJB's. It was almost like Miami JAZZ Co-op Founders night. On stage along with Billy (piano) was Paul Shewchuck (bass) and Danny Burger (drums). After a couple of swinging numbers, including a great Gershwin medley,  Ms Brenda Alford made her presence known with her animated and dynamic renditions. Turk Mauro was there and came up in the second set with a mellow "Body and Soul". Jack Seigel and his wife were there as were the "regulars" including Stan, Bill, Tommy. Babette, Michael, Ron, Flo and I. Charlie Boyer (Jazz & Blues Florida) has just returned and he was taking pix and videos whenever he stopped tappin' and clappin'. The Billy Marcus Quartet --Eric Allison (sax/flute), Don Mosley (bass) and Gary Duchane (drums)-- will be inducted into the South Florida JAZZ Hall of Fame this Sunday at the Joseph Caleb Center 5400 NW 22d Ave. Other inductees for this year include Melton Mustafa, Blue Mitchell, Nancy Murphy, Billy Rolle and Bill Peeple. For JAZZophiles this event is better than the Super Bowl. The "season" is over. Now is the time to get out Around Town in Nothin' Flat and 4/4 Time. Support live JAZZ and all the new venues and it will continue to thrive in South Florida.

*Editor’s Note* Word is that Billy Marcus will be returning to BJBs Monday night to help Turk Mauro celebrate his birthday. You can bet this will be another night to remember!

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