Saturday, June 30, 2012

Boston's Red White & Blues Fest- Opening Night w/ Pitbull of Blues & Friends

Music starts at 1pm on Saturday.
See you there!
Famous Frank telling us all about it...

Josh Rowan - Pitbull of Blues


1:30am-ish... Closing up the night in style!

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

Hello Montreal!

All other jump the fence in back...

A1A is the road between the ocean and Boston's... just in case...

Lights are on, and things are ready to go!

Dash-board confessional? "I spend too much
money on this stuff."

Gotta do the VIP! I THINK I may have FOUR
beverages over 13 hours time today alone! big can the pocket be?

Millie - making sure everyone will have cold beer on Saturday!

Famous Frank Famousily Jumps In

Paul Stott adds to the mix!

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