Saturday, January 28, 2012

Miami Jazz News Blogging by our Friend, Al Kanovsky

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It's Saturday. It's dark outside. It's nite or early evening if you like. Flo is in the Apple and I am on my own. Afflicted by my inherent laziness I am sitting down with the remote in hand, watching the primary results (yawn) from South Carolina (yawn). I am suddenly struck with a severe atack of FLOITIS. This is an uncommon disorder suffered only by those who have spent anytime with Flo. The symptoms are easily recognized. Something in your head keeps repeating "What are you doing at home? There's music out there somewhere. Let's go". I must stop that voice. I get up, take a shower (don't shave but don't tell) and get dressed in basic black. I want you to notice that I am in touch with my "feminine side". I get in the car and head for "Soykas". Tonite Don Willner(bass) hosts with Mike Orta(piano) and featuring---quoting Don Willner---"song stylist" Dana Paul.

Soykas is no "dollar & a dream" story. This is venture capital at its best. An experienced club and restaurant owner, mucho dinero and the expertise to create a winner. Last but not least is the respect and love of JAZZ. That is the description that the owner and creator Mark Soyka deserves.

Mr. Soyka in his time has known and employed more JAZZ musicians than anybody, ever, in S. Florida history. A great room, interesting menu, courteous efficient staff and live music. See website for dates. One suggestion, If you are there for the "musica" sit up close. Conversation from the diners can be distracting. I have mentioned it before, Don Willner is an exceptional bass soloist. His long term association with Mike is evidenced in their playful attitude with one another. Dana Paul has re-invented himself. The first time I heard Dana was 5 or 6 years ago. Basically a rock & Roller using a synthesizer for background. Observing the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly has been a wonderful experience for me. Observing the progressions musical artists make in their careers is part of what Flo and I love so much about JAZZ. Dana showed his love of his art at last nites performance. Battling the last throes of a winter flu he ran through a repertoire of be-bop, ballads and blues to an appreciative audience. Fred Jacobs (trumpet) who has played gigs(long ago) with Don and Mike sat in and promised to come to the rent party. Mike's friend Luz, invited me to sit at their table which gave me the opportunity to chat with all of them. Someday, I promise to write some of the funny, tragic and always interesting tales I hear of days gone past.

Don't forget the RENT PARTY, Monday nite. It's a don't miss event. Toes tappin' hands clappin' keep on onnin'    al k

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  1. OMG! You are back, this is awesome. You are too too funny. Love it