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ELIZA NEALS "messin with a fool" Album Release & Live Performance at Van Dyke in Miami FL Feb 6, 2012

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Eliza Neals is "handily bridging the idea of a blues chanteuse, the classy, sexy singer, to a genre that seems to be overrun with style-over-substance singers... husky crooners don't come along like this very often" Metrotimes 2011
An assembly line of blues and rock drives “messin with a fool,” it captures Detroit’s independent spirit with true grit and motor city soul. Eliza Neals sought out the unique talents of veteran writer/producer Martin ‘Tino’ Gross (Kid Rock, RL Burnside) and united him with Detroit legend Barrett Strong (Marvin Gaye, Temptations) to begin provocative recording sessions. Eliza’s “strangely sultry blues voice” and cool writing style melted with the two masters forging a solid union. Completing their first song plus music video in the summer of 2010, proved “Misery” could truly bring happiness!

Now "messin with a fool" is ready* with twelve songs hammered to a Bluesy-Motown-Rock-Soul-Fortress!  Eliza will perform the new songs LIVE at "The Van Dyke" in Miami Beach February 6, 2012 at 9pm.

Recently gracing the cover of Metrotimes over the labor day music festival weekend, proved that Eliza Neals is in a lane all her own. "It is an honor to be given the cover of MetroTimes hailed as the Village Voice of the Metro Detroit area. We work hard, it feels good..." says Eliza. Metrotimes links below
Detroit Street-cred would sum things up, the album has songs written by Barrett Strong (Money, Heard it Through the Grapevine, WAR, etc), Tino Gross (Uncle Kracker, Howling Diablos), Johnny 'Bee' Badanjek (The Rockets) and Don 'Doop' Duprie (The Inside Outlaws). Musicians include Tino Gross, Barrett Strong, Jimmy Bones (Kid Rock), Leonard Moon (Mitch Ryder), Mike Smith (770), Johnny Badanjek, Don Duprie, Duke Fakir Jr (Four Tops), Steve Dresser and Eliza Neals plus more.

"The new songs are inspired by whats happening right now in Michigan and around the world" says Mr. Strong, "people need to understand the problems and fix em, sometimes good music breaks down those barriers."

"Eliza Neals aka 'The Detroit Diva' would be the house band if I had my way" says Pete Fogel a long time music booking agent for The Bitter End. "Powerful beautiful female vocals and a smart quick band that can jam!"

"Awesome your album is gonna blow minds..." Tino Gross
"Messin with a fool"
1. Misery
2. Man's Man
3. Shame
4. ESP
5. In Charge
6. Rather Go to Jail
7. Raining in Detroit
8. Living with Yo Mama
9. Money
10. Can't Stop (No No)
11. Pig
12. Love Hurts More.

MUSIC Videos:
1. Misery
2. Man's Man
3. Love Hurts More (live)

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