Saturday, December 31, 2022

221228 Jimi Fiano Blues Jam at Bamboo Room

 Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Jimi Fiano Blues Jam at Blue Bamboo Lake Worth, FL

Apostoli Floyd
Mark Sachnoff
Rockin Jake Jacobs
Nancy DeSaram
Richie Schmidt
Marshall Tack
Jimi Fiano
David Roman
Dottie Kelly and Rock The House Band
Eddie TheThrill Hill
Tess Schmidt
Morgan Born-Aives
Euvoski Cunningham Sr.
Conrad Teheiura Itchener
Richie Goldman
Cheryl E Arena
Ephraim Lowell
Chuck Fiore Jr.
Derek Mack
Antony Livoti
Charles Gasper
Charlie St August
Mark Leach
Renée Scholl Hoyt
Cindy Galiardo
Annika Chambers-DesLauriers
Ana Rudchenco
Ronnie Krusel
Paul DesLauriers

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