Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Last Call for Jazz Blues Florida Promotion Orders for 2022

RE: The final pitch the promotion services of Jazz & Blues Florida for 2022

We are now in year 17 and we have never missed a publication deadline of the 1st of the month and you can see each issue HERE. Thousands of ads placements, over a thousand artist features, millions of reads and views. Yes, we took a major hit over the COVID related music shut-down, and we are growing back with plans in place to exceed everything we have accomplished in the past.

Current numbers on traffic/distribution/activity can be seen HERE in our monthly report. Please ask us for any details/source materials and do the same for any service you are using currently to reach this market.

Jazz & Blues Florida not only reaches your neighborhood, but also across the state, across the country, and around the world. If you are using our services, your promotion will be seen by music fans here in Florida and by those coming to visit. The promotion program we have in place for ourselves includes terrestrial and streaming radio programming, online and print jazz and blues publications, jazz and blues associations, on-site promotion at events, tourist entry point information distribution, personalized email subscription list, direct mail, search engine optimization and a heavily increased social media presence. We are not waiting for people to find us by chance, and we are not waiting for people to find our clients by chance.

We are also facing the pressure of inflation and will be raising our prices for orders placed after 1/1/23. We are still accepting all orders and payments for 2023 now at current prices. The price increases will also reflect the failure of our business plan of providing a service the smaller venues and new/upcoming artists. We have never seen enough support from these market segments to provide the volume of business needed. So, look for price increases, and resulting impact of our services, to be substantially larger. The order deadline for the January issue is 12/27/23, and we will be accepting orders for later in 2023 at 2022 prices through December 31, 2022. The current rate sheet is HERE and new rate sheet will be posted on the 1st.

As the last HURRAH at the current price level, we have openings for orders for dedicated emails blasts/news blog postings daily from December 20 to December 29. The cost is only $80 and includes news blog post, email blast and event listing. Email me directly at to get this done.

For the best understanding of our services, become a subscriber to our news email list and connect with us through the social media (expect Twitter, as we are now exiting that platform due to negative, and diminishing, return on the resources applied there) whose links can all be found HERE.

As always, I am available for questions, comments, and concerns.


Charles R. Boyer, Owner/Publisher
Jazz Blues Florida LLC
(561) 313-7432 (text only)


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