Sunday, December 11, 2022

Gil Anthony's BLUES POWER TOP 30 (and a few more!) for December 2022 - It's what's spinning on the platter that matters.

Gil Anthony's 
for December 2022
Get PERSONAL with the blues and tune in 
Gil Anthony's 

BLUES POWER w/ Gil Anthony (2013 Keeping The Blues Alive Award Winner)
WDIG 1450AM, Dothan, AL: Sunday, 6-10pm CDT & Monday, 6-11pm CDT.  

First two hours both nights streamed live on Facebook at:  

BLUES POWER TOP 30 (and a few more!) for December 2022
1: John Nemeth, May Be the Last Time, Nola Blue Rec
2: Crystal Shawanda, Midnight Blues, True North Rec
3: Buddy Guy, Blues Don't Lie, 
4: Derrick Procell, Hello Mojo, Catfood Rec
5: John Primer, Hard Times, Blues House
6: Harrison Kennedy, Thanks for Tomorrow, Electro-Fi
7: Walter Trout, Ride, Provogue
8: Jimmy Carpenter,, Louisiana Record, Gulf Coast
9: Orphan Jon, Over the Pain, Vintage LaNeil Rec
10: Billy Price, 50+ Years of Soul, Get Hip Rec
11: Annika Chambers/Paul DesLauriers, Good Trouble, Vizztone
12: Mike Morgan and the Crawl, Lights Went Out in Dallas, MC
13: Texas Horns, Everybody Let's Roll, Blue Heart Rec
14: Jeremiah Johnson, Hi-Fi Drive By, Ruf
15: Andre Bison, Ballad of Lucy Stone, Self
16: Dave Keyes, Rhythm Blues & Boogie, Blue Heart
17: Angela Strehli, Ace of Blues, New West Rec
18: Vanessa Collier, Live at Power Station, 
19: Ben Levin, Take Your Time, Vizztone
20: Bridget Kelly Band, Winter's Coming, Alpha Sun Rec
21: Silent Partners, Changing Times, Little Village
22: Durham County Poets, Out of the Woods, Self
23: Ruthie Foster, Healing Time, Blue Corn
24: Bob Corritore & Friends, You Shocked Me, Vizztone
25: Cliff Stevens, Better Days, Self
26: Martin Lang/Rusty Zinn, Mr. Blues, Mr. Blues, Random Chance Rec
27: Mud Morganfield, Portrait, Delmark
28: Yates McKendree, Buchanan Lane, Qualified rec
29: Lucky Losers, Standin' Pat, Vizztone
30: Too Slim/Taildraggers, Live, Vizztone, 

Also Playing: Brooks Young, Robert Hill/JoAnne LeDiger, Dig 3, Matt Lomeo, Lil Red & the Rooster, Mick Kolassa, Janice Harrington, Justin Saladino, Grant Dermody, Thorbjorn Resasger, Suzie Vinnick, Kunio Kishida, Malaya Blue, Will Jacobs, Tomislav Goluban, Mark Pocket Goldberg, Mighty Soul Drivers, Serabee, Rick  Berthold, Rusty Wright Band, EC Scott.

Bold & Linked Indicates Jazz Blues Florida Client or close friend of the family.
* Bold Indicates Florida Artist.
*Italicizied: Indicates Past Jazz Blues Florida Client.

Mailing Address:
Gil Anthony
PO Box 6628
Dothan AL 36302
Phone: (334)718-1736

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