Monday, July 4, 2022

Jazz & Blues Florida On The Road: Paul Filipowicz & His Apollo Kings at Crawfish Junction in Milford WI

Jazz & Blues Florida On The Road!
Sunday, July 3, 2022 ~ Noon-3pm
Crawfish Junction
W6376 County Road A Johnson Creek, WI 53038

Paul Filipowicz and His Apollo Kings
Steve Lewis - Bass
Brian "Tito" Howard - Drums

Paul Filipowicz: singer, songwriter, guitarist, harmonica. Born Chicago, IL March 24, 1950. He was raised in the Lockport, Ill. corn fields in the 1950’s.
Illinois Route 66 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2021 Inductee and Chicago Blues Hall of Fame Inductee. Paul is as a real as real music and real people get, and he plays real places. 

With all likelihood, Paul is the very first live barroom blues musician I ever heard in my life back in the late 70s in Madison WI. And I have been a fan ever since of him and blues.  He most definitely has his 1st 10,000 hours in on mastering his guitar work, and most likely is on his third or fourth. If Paul is on stage you KNOW blues is in the room.

Keep up with Paul's weekly+ shows this summer via his calendar at:

Looking forward to this afternoon!

The Junction knows what the locals like! They like LOCAL!

In case you are in the area and looking for this place. 

Front and center, and growing!

The Bluesmen in the Band...

The listeners have it good here!

Wonderful servers serving wonder things
at Wisco prices!

More stuff indoors at that bar.

Another place that cares about what they serve.
Good on'em!

"Everybody wants a picture of the back of my shirt and
not my face!"

Inside dining room.

Entering the barroom.

Living it up in the summertime!


The Might Raging Crawfish River runs through Mid-City!

Yes, it is good to have friends. Everywhere.

Family time...

PLEASE give the channel a LIKE, if you like.

Back in time to catch up on catch some
wild shrooms! (Golden Oyster).

~ ~ ~ 
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  1. Thanks Charlie!! So that’s where the summer went.