Saturday, October 27, 2018

Harmonica Mic Give-Away - A Pro Mic for a Yet-to-Be Pro?

Help! A good friend of mine, Frank Papitto, has entrusted me with finding a GREAT home for a NEVER USED Audix FireBall V Harmonica microphone w/ an up-and-coming harper than plays publicly and would not otherwise afford a professional mic of their own. How do we find the right person? How do we know it's the right person? Judged submissions? Voting? Live competition in conjunction with any of the rising number of harmonica blow-offs? Any suggestions are appreciated! 

Ideas? Please drop a comment below so a conversation can be developed to draw the best options from to form a game plan, and please drop me an email at so I don't miss the comment updates.

Here's the mic info:

Next entry installment here will be some background information on the benefactor, Frank Papitto. An amazing person with an amazing career in the music biz - from Head Engineer at CBGBs to touring with Anthrax to years with the Ricki Lake show as Sound Engineer, and so much more inbetween...



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