Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Jazz & Blues Florida November 2016 Issue Posted - Quality Info on Live Jazz & Blues in Clubs, Concerts & Festivals

Where the world finds out 
what's what on the Florida scene!

    Join like-minded aficionados of real music, made by real people, in real places and check out what the November issue of Jazz & Blues Florida has to offer in the way of artist previews and information for the month. Featured artists this month are Rick Randlett, Michael Lington, Lavay Smith, Joe Louis Walker, Jason Ricci, Dave Scott, Dave Bennett, Dane Alderson, Carol Stein, Bridget Kelly Band, Bill Watrous, Ben Rice and Annika Chambers. Read up and get to know them a little better before heading out to their shows this month! Just click on the magazine cover on our homepage at 

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Is it time to get serious about marketing and promotion?

    Our rates start at $10/month for premium listings and full-platform (email, banners, blog, display ad, social media distribution, event listing) packages start at only $120. Spotlight features are $50 and the cover/main feature is $250, with a package purchase. If you can create the coverage we provide at a lower cost you are in the wrong business. And if you are paying someone else to get it for you, how are they doing? And if you are paying a PR agency to spread the word, and they are asking us to work for free, their word about you goes right into our spam folder. We are now taking orders for December and forward. Email me to get things rolling. Down load our rate sheet HERE. 

   And, while I have you here, let me explain why I have to turn down many requests I receive to come out see a group, visit a venue, or spend time at a festival or event. I turn them down because I have to support those that support Jazz & Blues Florida. You will find me out supporting them so everyone that contributes to those fantastic stats shown above can continue to receive the information they want from our platform.

Thanks! See you somewhere the good music is happening, soon.

Charles R. Boyer, Owner/Publisher
Jazz Blues Florida LLC
(561) 313-7432 

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