Monday, May 30, 2022

Jazz Blues Florida On The Road - Josh Garrett Solo at Lumiere Blues & Jazz Bistro in Houma LA, Sunday, May 29, 2022

GOOD live music!

SUNDAY, MAY 29, 2022 ~ 11AM-2PM
Lumiere Blues & Jazz Bistro
7913 W Main St. Downtown
Houma, LA 70360

Josh Garrett

Yesterday went out to Houma to see Josh Garrett provide the music at brunch at the Lumiere Blues & Jazz Bistro.

First time hearing Josh solo. And he totally owns it. Clarity in guitar work and matching vocals with a controlled volume well suited to the songs and venue. He has a full-on band gig later today and it would be great to hear both versions in the same day, but duty calls. Not sure how many years ago I first heard Josh - on the stage of the V.O.W. Allstars closing set when the event was downtown I think. And I knew right away that if some young guy was a STANDOUT PLAYER on THAT stage, I needed to pay attention, and Josh has never proved me wrong. He almost a regular in Florida's panhandle at Paradise Bar and Grill and he really needs to get downstate more to share his bayou-bent blues.

Did you know I used to work (AKA - Offshore Trash) out there in the Houma area? Early 80s while going through my 1st big learning curve about life's lessons in the differences between expectations, trust and acceptance. Making maps of the bottom of the Gulf for Western Geophysical out of Houston. Aransas Pass to Pensacola was our shooting territory. Go to Houma, turn south and go to where the road ended at Fourchon. That was our usual port. Spent Christmas one year onboard docked at the Morgan City Bridge. Juke box dancin' with Lousiana Lou, the Christmas lights of ambulances and police cruisers as they cleaned up the results of someone's header off the river bridge onto the dock next to the ship... and more I can't put down here. THAT all is a book in itself.... Some wild crazy-azz days, and I'm still here. Go figure.
Here's all the pics and vids...
Class joint. Well planned and excuted. Atmoshere, service, food quality - all big city quality with a easier vibe. NOTHING like this existed in Houma 40 years ago!

Hope skip and a swampy jump through the bayou country...

A dock and swamp is all I remember of this place. And those twelve hour crew & provdision turn-arounds was WAY more than enough time to get to Houma and waste a week's pay!

Crossing muddy waters....

As Mary G. put it... "from Thibodaux to Raceland..."

I know you've heard about it... even if you've never been here.... 
She sang it like no one else ever, but Roy Orbison wrote it....

Inside and out...

View from riverside patio deck

Spacious and great acoustics for Josh's solo today.

I had two of them. Both EXCELLENT - prompt, to-order,
 and served with a big smile!

I like this one. Almost, kinda, captures the moment...

3-egg, biscuit, bacon, hashers, grits and shrimp. How could
you possibly go wrong with starting the day this way?
Spike, no milk for me... I'll eat some more cheese later...

Josh & Misty. Super nice people. Thanks for the music and chat.
Be sure to bring her to Florida on your next tour! Soon, please.

When I grow up , I'm going to get talent, too... Ha!

Another stop along the way...

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