Monday, March 25, 2019

Jazz & Blues Florida Updates and Monthly Quick Report - 10 Years Online! Last Call For April Issue Orders.

10 Years.
(Of being online as Jazz & Blues Florida)
Coincidence? We don't think so!

April is set to be our largest issue of the 
year! Are you going to be in it to share
the additional distribution this will create?

How's your Facebook stats
working for you? Here's some of ours:
Here is the 'Quick' report for the month:
Current total MailChimp subscribers: 4,892
Current total social media contacts: 12,191*
Past month News Blog views: 40,603
(1,553,195 Life-time Views!)
Past month main website views: 2,501
(1,093,294 Life-time Page-views !)
Past month banner Views: 79,538
(Clicks: 7,765, Click-thru rate: 9.76%) 
Past month YouTube views: 3,881
Past month Pinterest views: 4,500
Past month Twitter impressions: 11,900
(Original source reports on ALL numbers
available on request. No fluff. No B.S.)


We are a multi-media promotion platform for live jazz & blues in
Florida's clubs, concerts and festivals.
Please consider connecting with our info flow through:
News Blog
  *  Email News Subscription
LINKEDIN (Business Only, Please)

Charles R. Boyer, Owner/Publisher

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