Saturday, February 2, 2019

Vinyl Jazz Collection For Sale

Want to add to your vinyl jazz collection?
Prices are only guidelines, taking from Goldmine Price Guide.
Email if you are interested in any, or all!

Adderley C' Ball Riverside In San Francisco $45 B+
Adderley C'Ball Capitol Bossa Rio Sextet w S Mendes 10 A
Adderley C'Ball Capitol In Person 15 A
Adderley C'Ball Fantasy Lovers 45 A
Adderley Cannonball Capitol Why Am I Treated So Bad! 35 A
Allen Steve Dot Bossa Nova Jazz 20 A
Allison Mose Atlantic(stk cover) Live at the Lighth'se 10 A
Allison Mose Columbia I Love the Life I Live
35 A
Allison Mose Prestige Back Country Suite 60 D/A
Andy & Bey Sisters Prestige `Round Midnight 75 B
Argo Tony Savoy Jazz Argosy 40 A
Armstrong Louis Decca Louis & the Angels 25 A
Armstrong Louis Metro Hello Louis 10 B
Auld Georgie Coral I'vre Got You Under My  Skin 10 B
Australn Jazz Qrtet Bethlehem The AJQ 20 B-
Babasin Harry      Mercury Jazz Pickers 40 B
Baker Chet Colpix C.B. 1964/1965 65 B
Baker Chet Pacific Jazz 10 Ensemble 200 A+
Baker Chet Sunset Swings Pretty 30 A
Baker Chet World Pacific Into My Life 25 A
Baker Chet Columbia C Baker w Strings 50 C
Baker Chet w GM World Pacific Timeless 20 A
Baker La vern Atlantic Saved 20 A
Barbieri Gato Dutchmen Yesterdays 15 A
Barbieri Gato United Artist Last Tango in Paris 20 A
Barnet Charlie Verve Dance Bash 40 A
Basie / Wallington Coronet Count Basie and his Orchestra 35 A
Basie /Williams Roulette Back  to Basie & Blues 25 A
Basie Count Columbia Superchief 20 A
Basie Count Groove Merchant Evergreens 10 B+
Basie Count Omega Rockabye Basie 20 A
Basie Count Pablo On the Road 20 A+
Basie Count Reprise This Time By Basie 20 A
Basie Count Roulette Basie 25 A
Basie Count Roulette Dance Along with Basie 30 B
Basie Count Roulette Best of Basie 20 A
Basie Count &S.V. Roulette C.B.& Sarah Vaughn 30 A
Basie/Sinatra Reprise Might as Well be Swing 15 A
Bellson Louis Concord Jazz Live at Concord J.F. 10 A
Berk D / Patitucci J Trend Music of Rodgers & Hart 20 A+
Betters Harold Gateway At the Encore 20 A
Betters Harold Gateway H.B. Takes Off 15 B
Betters Harold Gateway Swingin' on the RR 15 B
Big Maybelle SAVOY Jazz Blues Candy and Big Maybelle 30 A+
Blakey Art Blue Note Holiday for Skins 150 A
Blakey Art Blue Note Free  For All 50 B
Blakey Art Columbia Drum Suite 20 A
Blakey Art Tobacco Road Live at Bubba's 45 A
Bonfa L/M Toledo Philips Braziliana 10 A+
Bonfa/Jobim Fontana (Snd Trk) Black Orpheus 40 A+
Bostic Earl King Best of Bostic 25 A
Bostic Earl King Bossa Nova Plays 40 A
BrnsteinE /S Manne Decca (snd trk) Man w Golden Arm 25 B
Brookmeyer & Clk T Mainstream was  G'bread Man 30 A
Brown Clifford Blue Note Night at Birdland 100 A
Brown Clifford Columbia Live at the Beehive 45 A
Brown Clifford EmArcy Brown & Roach 75 B
Brown Les All Stars Capitol The Les Brown All Stars 20 A
Brown Ray Concord Don't Forget the .... 15 A
Brubeck Dave Columbia At Carnegie Hall 10 A
Brubeck Dave Columbia Dave Digs Disney 40 A
Brubeck Dave Columbia Jazz Goes To College 30 A
Brubeck Dave Columbia Brubeck Plays Bernstein 10 A
Brubeck Dave Columbia Southern Scene 25 A+
Brubeck Dave Fantasy 10 The D.B. Trio 75 A
Brubeck Dave Columbia Time Out 25 A+
Burns Ralph Jazztone Spring Sequence 50 A
Burton Joe Coral Session 45 A
Byrd Charlie Riverside Byrd Song 20 A
Byrd Chas Riverside At The Village Gate 25 B
Byrd Donald Blue Note Fancy Free 15 B
Byrd Donald Elektra Thank You...FUMK 15 B
Byrd Donald TRIP Two Sides of DB 50 A
Byrd Donald United Artist Don Byrds Best 20 B
Cain J & R Kral Capitol Grass 20 B
Cain J & R Kral Columbia Sweet & Low Down 25 B
Cain J & R Kral MCA Jackie & Roy 25 A
Caiola Al RCA Camden A.C. + Five 10 A
Caiola Al United Artists Power of Brass 20 A
Carter B/Dizzy MHS The Mood Fr Swng 10 A
Charles Ray ABC Paramnt Live in Concert 25 A+
Charles Ray ABC/Tangerine A Portrait of Ray 45 A
Charles Ray Atlantic What'd I Say 50 A+
Christy June Capitol  The Song is June 30 B-
Christy June Capitol Something Cool 15 C
Christy June Capitol Duet with Kenton 40 A+
Christy June Capitol 10 Something Cool 10 40 C+
Clayton Buck Philips Jmpn' at the Wdsde 20 A
Clooney R/ Duke El Columbia Blue Rose 35 A
Clooney Rosemary Columbia Ring Around Rosie 35 A
Cobham Billy Atlantic Crosswinds 20 A+
Cobham Billy Columbia Magic 20 A
Cole Nat Capitol King Cole Trio 15 B
Collins Jazzbo Impulse A Lovely Bunch ... 30 A
Coltrane John United Artists Coltrane Time 50 A
Compend. of Jazz Verve Clef Series 30 A+
Condon Eddie Columbia Jam Session Coast... 30 A
ConnorC/M.Ferg'sn Roulette Two's Company 40 A
Corea Chick Elektra Music. Again and Again 10 A
Corea Chick Polydor Light as a Feather 10 A
Corea Chick Polydor Leprechaun 10 A
Criss Sonny Prestige Rockin in Rhyth m 45 A
Dameron Tad Riverside Magic Touch 8 A
Daniels Billy Mercury 10 Torch Hour 10 50 A
Davis Miles Columbia Miles Ahead + 19 75 A
Davis Miles Columbia Sketches of Spain 10 A
Davis Miles Columbia  At the Blackhawk 30 B
Davis Miles Columbia My Funny Valentine 25 A
Davis Miles Columbia Quiet Nights 25 A
Davis Miles Columbia In Europe 20 A
Davis Miles Columbia ESP 5 D
Davis Miles Columbia Greatest Hits 25 A
Davis Miles Columbia Bitches Brew 25 A
Davis Miles Prestige M.D. & Milt Jackson 45 A+
Davis Miles Up Front My Old Flame 35 A
Davis Miles Warner Bros Full Nelson (crossover demo) 20 A+
Davis Miles Columbia Porgy and Bess 18 B
Dearie Blossom Verve Blossom Dearie 50 A
DeFranco Buddy & Oscar Peterson Verve Gershwin Song Book 10 A
Dennis Matt Kapp M.D. Plays & Sings 40 A
Dennis Matt RCA Victor She Dances Ovrhd 40 A
Dennis Matt RCA Victor Dennis Anyone?` 40 A
Desmond Paul RCA Vic Take Ten 35 A
Desmond Paul RCAVictor Desmond Blue 40 A+
Dickenson Vic Vanguard 10 Septet Vol 1 50 A
Eaton Johnny Columbia Far Out , Near In 40 B
Edelhagen Kurt Decca Jazz from Germany 20 A+
Ellington  Duke RCA Victor In a Mellotone 40 A
Ellington Duke Capitol Duke Plays Elinggton 15 A
Ellington Duke Columbia Masterpieces by DE 10 A
Ellington Duke Columbia At Newport 40 A+
Ellington Duke Columbia Indigos 18 A+
Ellington Duke Columbia Newport `58 20 B
Ellington Duke Columbia Ellington Uptown 100 A
Ellington Duke Phillips Ellington Uptown 10 A
Ellington Duke RCA Victor Popular Duke 10 A
Ellington Duke Time -Life Giants of Jazz 25 B
Elliott Don ABC Paramount The Voices of D.E. 100 A
Elliott Don Design Sensational Sixties 40 C
Ellis Don Columbia D.E. at Fillmore 12 B
Ellis H/Pass J Concord Jazz Seven, Come Eleven 10 A
Ellis Herb /HEdison Concord Jazz After You've.... 10 A
Evans Bill Columbia Bill Evans Album
15 A
Evans Bill Columbia Living Time 50 A
Evans Bill Milestone Time Remembered 25 A+
Evans Bill Riverside Everybody Digs Bill Evans 50 A+
Evans Bill Riverside At Shelly's Manne Hole 30 A
Evans Bill Verve Convers. w Myself 15 A
Farmer Art United Artists Brass Shout 50 C
Ferguson Maynard Columbia The MF Band 10 A
Ferguson Maynard Columbia It's My Time 10 A
Ferguson Maynard Columbia Live at Jimmy's 30 A+
Ferguson Maynard EmArcy Hollywood Party 50 A
Ferguson Maynard Mainstream Six by Six 30 A
Ferguson Maynerd Columbia Chameleon 40 A
Ferguson Maynrd Columbia Conquistador 20 A
Ferguson Maynrd Roulette Msg from Newport 25 A
Ferguson Maynrd Roulette Maynard `61 30 B
Ferguson Maynrd MF Hollywood 10 A
Fielding Jerry Decca Hollywoodwind Jazztet 20 A
Fitzg'ld & Armst'ng Verve Ella & Louis 20 A
Fitzg'ld&Basie Pablo A Classy Pair 10 A
Fitzgerald Ella Metro Ella Fitzgerald 15 A
Fitzgerald Ella Verve Rodgers & Hart Songbook 45 A
Fitzgerald Ella Verve Gershwin Song Book 40 A
Fitzgerald Ella Verve Hello Love 20 A+
Fitzgerald Ella Verve Sings Gershwin Songb'k 40 A
Fitzgerald Ella Verve Sings Cole P'rtr 75 A+
Fitzgerald Ella Verve In Berlin. Mack ... 70 A+
Fitzgerald Ella Verve Sings Gershwin Songbk Vol2 70 A+
Fitzgerald Ella Verve Sings Gershwin Sngbk 70 A+
Four Freshman Capitol The Best of Four Freshman 20 A
Four Freshman Capitol Freshman Favorites 15 A
Four Freshman Capitol Love Lost 10 A
Four Freshman Capitol FF and Five Tromb 15 B
Four Freshman Capitol FF & Five Saxes 10 A
Four Freshman Creative World Live At Butler Univ 20 A
Four Freshmen Capitol Voices in Modern 10 A
Frigo John Mercury I Love John Frigo... 30 B
Gaillard/Gillespie Hudson JAZZ 50 A+
Garland Red Jazzland Bright and Breezy 30 Med/VG
Garner Erroll Columbia Paris Impressions 15 B
Garner Erroll Columbia The One & Only 15 A
Garner Erroll Mercury Misty 20 B
Garner Erroll MGM Campus Concert 15 A
Garner Erroll MGM Up In Erroll's Room 15 A
Garner Erroll Reprise One World Concert 20 A
Geller Herb EmArcy The Gellers 45 B
Geller Herb Jubilee Fire in the West 50 B+
Getz Stan Columbia Another World 30 A
Getz Stan Columbia Best of Two Worlds 10 A
Getz Stan MGM Marrakech Express 10 A
Getz Stan Prestige Greatest Hits
10 D
Getz Stan Prestige The Brothers Stan Getz Zoot Sims Al Cohn 45 C
Getz Stan Roost The Greatest of Stan Getz 25 A
Getz Stan Roost Getz Years 15 C
Getz Stan Verve Getz Meets Mulligan in HI FI 40 C+
Getz Stan Verve What the World .... 15 A
Getz Stan Verve Sweet Rain 20 A
Getz Stan Verve Getz Gilberto 25 C
Getz Stan Verve Another Time, Another Place 30 B
Getz Stan Verve Stan Getz Plays 10 A
Getz Stan Verve Focus 25 A
Gibbs Terry Mercury Launching A New Band 15 B+
Gibbs Terry PAJ W BuddyDeFranco 10 A
Gibbs Terry Premier Pick n Pat w  H Babasin 15 B
Gillespie Dizzy Discovery (10 ) D.G. Plays Johnny Richards 100 A
Gillespie Dizzy Everest ARchive The King of Bop 30 A+
Gillespie Dizzy GRP New Faces 30 A+
Gillespie Dizzy Limelight New Continent 25 A
Gillespie Dizzy Philips New Wave 20 B
Gillespie Dizzy Phillips D.G. Goes Hollywd 15 A
Gillespie Dizzy Verve Jazz From Paris 70 A
Gillespie Dizzy Verve the Essential D.G. 10 A
Gillespie et al Atlantic Giants of Jazz 50 A
Gleason Jackie Capitol 10 For Lovers Only 20 A
Goodman Benny (TEXACO) Swing Into Spring 10 A
Goodman Benny Columbia The New Benny Goodman Sextet 35 A
Goodman Benny Columbia C Christian with BG 35 A
Goodman Benny Columbia The Great BG 20 A
Goodman Benny Columbia Benny in Brussels 25 A
Goodman Benny Columbia BG Combos 50 A
Goodman Benny Columbia Carnegie Hall J.C. 30 A
Goodman Benny Martin Block 1000 BG for Fletch Hend. 60 A
Goodman Benny Westinghouse In Hi Fi  Brussels `58 50 B
Gordon Dexter SAVOY Jazz Master Takes (Sealed) 20 A+
Gordon Dexter SAVOY Jazz Long Tall Dexter 20 A+
Graas John Decca Jazz Lab 1 30 B
Green Grant Blue Note Alive ! 25 A
Grusin Dave GRP NY LA Dream Band 15 A+
Grusin Dave Sheffield Lab Discovered Again 10 A+
Guarneri John TAZ/JAZ Superstride 20 A
Hackett Bobby Pickwick Moonlight Becomes You 10 A
Hale Corky Stash Harp Beat 10 A+
Hamilton Chico MCA/Impulse The Best of Chico Hamilton 10 B+
Hampton Lionel Columbia Silver Vibes 30 A
Hampton Lionel Decca 10 Moonglow (10 LP) 40 B
Hampton Lionel Laurie Rcds Saturday Nght Jazz 10 A+
Hampton Lionel Promenade At The Vibes 15 A
Hancock Herbie Blue Note Hancock 20 A
Hancock Herbie Columbia Future Shock 10 A+
Hancock Herbie Columbia Head Hunters 10 C+
Hancock Herbie Columbia Feets Dont Faile Me Now 5 B+
Harper Herbie Liberty Jazz in Hollywood (w B Gordon) 40 B+
Hartman Johnny Impulse The Voice That Is ! (autograph) 45 A
Hayes Isaac MGM Shaft 10 A
Heath Ted London Palladium Sunday  Concert 25 A
Heath Ted London A Yank in Europe 25 A
Heath Ted London Showcase 25 A
Herman Woody Capitol The Woody Herman Band 20 B+
Herman Woody Capitol The Woody H. Bnd 35 A
Herman Woody Columbia My Kind Of Brdwy 10 A
Herman Woody Concord Woody & Friends 10 A
Herman Woody Fantasy Giant Steps 10 A
Herman Woody Forum WH Sextet at Roundtable 25 A
Herman Woody Philips Live 10 B
Herman Woody Quadfoglio w T Puente /C Byrd 10 B
Hi-Lo's Columbia Sudenly the Hi-Lo's 35 A
Hi-Lo's Columbia Broadway Playbill 25 A
Hi-Los Omega Hi-Los in Stereo 20 B
Hodeir Andre Philips Jazz  et Jazz 30 A
Holiday Billie Base Rare Broadcast... 10 B
Holiday Billie Clef 10 Billie Holiday 10 100 B+
Holiday Billie MCA Billie Holiday Story 10 B
Holiday Billie Ric. Live 15 C
Holiday Billie Verve-MGM The Best of Billie Holiday 10 B+
Hooker John Lee Blues Way At Cafe' a GoGo 10 A
Horn  Paul Mushroom Dream Machine 20 A+
Horne Lena RCA Victor At The Sands 10 A
Hubbard Freddie CTI Records Straight Life 25 A
Jackson Milt Verve Hip String Quartet 10 A
Jamahl Ahmad ARGO Happy Moods 15 B
Jamahl Ahmad ARGO (2 rcd set) A.J. Portfolio (Ltd edit.) 40 A
James Harry Capitol In Hi-Fi 30 A
James Harry Dot Live At the Riverb't 30 A
Jarrett Keith Impulse Treasure Island 30 A
Jazz at the  Phil CLEF(no covr) JATP Vol 15 20 B
Jazz Crusaders MCA Rhapsody & Blues 20 B
Jazz Messengers Columbia Hard Bop 65 A
Jazz Messengers Columbia Drum Suite 50 A-
Jimmy Rushing Columbia Little J.R. and Big Brass 20 B
Johnson J&Kai W. Columbia Jai and Kai 5 C
Johnson J.J. Columbia J is for JAZZ 50 A
Jones Elvin Blue Note Mr Jones 30 A
Jones Jonah Capitol Swingn at the Cnma 30 A
Jones Jonah Capitol Jonah Jmps Again! 25 A
Jones Jonah Capitol Muted Jazz 30 B
Jones Jonah Capitol Swingin on Bdw'y 35 A
Jones Quincy A&M Walking in Space 15 A+
Jung Bob Command Jung ! 50 A
Kamuca Richie Hi Fi Recordings West Coast Jazz 40 A
Kelly Bev Riverside Love Locked Out 30 C
Kenton Stan Capitol Greatest Hits 10 A
Kenton Stan Capitol Sophisticat. Apprch 15 A
Kenton Stan Capitol Contemporary Concepts 40 A
Kenton Stan Capitol Milestones 25 A
Kenton Stan Capitol Adventures in Jazz 10 B
Kenton Stan Creative World C.W. Stan K. (autograph 15 A
Kenton Stan Creative World Road Show 10 B+
Kenton Stan London Today 10 A
Kenton Stan 10 Capitol Portrait on Stds 10   35 C+
Kessel Barney Contemporary Kessel Plays Standards 20 A
Kessel Barney Reprise Contemp Latin Rhythms 10 B
King Morgana Muse Records Simply Eloquence 20 A+
King Morgana Muse Records Higher Ground (Sealed) 20 A+
Konitz Lee Inner City I Concentrate on You 20 A
Konitz Lee Riverside Lee Konitz & Warne Marsh 40 B
Krupa / Rich Clef Krupa and Rich 60 A
Krupa Gene Clef Records Drum Boogie 30 A
Krupa Gene Columbia Gene Krupa 35 A
Krupa Gene Columbia 10 Drummin' Man 10 75 C
Krupa Gene QSR Gene Krupa and HIs Orchestra 1949 30 A
Kuhn Steve Blackhawk Life's Magic 20 A+
LA Four Concord Jazz The LA Four Scores 25 A
Laine Cleo Fontana Shakesp're And All 20 A
Lateef Yusef Impulse Live at Pep's
35 A
Lawrence Elliot Fantasy Swinging At The Steel Pier (Red Vinyl Disc) 65 A
Lee Peggy Capitol Latin Ala Lee 20 B
Legrand Michel RCA Victor Live  at Jimmy's 25 A+
Lewis Mel Telarc Naturally 30 A
Lewis Ramsey ARGO You Better Believe Me 25 A
Lewis Ramsey Argo Sound of Spring 20 A
Lewis Ramsey Argo You Better Believe Me 20 A
Lewis Ramsey Cadet Wade in the Water 20 A
Lewis Ramsey Cadet Wade in the Water 15 B
Lewis Ramsey Cadet Hang on Ramsey 10 A
Lewis Ramsey Cadet Them Changes 25 B
Lewis Ramsey Columbia Upendo Ni Pamoja 10 A
Lewis Ramsey ARGO At the Bohemian Caverns 25 B
Lighthouse Allstars Omega Jazz Rolls Royce 50 A
Lloyd  Chas Atlantic In Europe 15 B
Lmb'rt, Hend&Ros Columbia L'mbrt,Hend & Ross 45 A
Lmb'rt,Hendr&Ross ABC Paramnt Sing a Sng of Basie 45 A+
Loco Joe Seeco Joe Loco Plays Classics 10 A
Lunceford Jimmy Brunswick J.L. & His Orchestra 20 A
Lynne Gloria Everest Go! Go! Go! 30 A
Lynne Gloria Fontana Intimate Moments 10 A
Lyons Jimmy Finnadar At Peacock Alley 10 B
Mackay/Hamilton Impulse D Mackay & V Hami 10 A
Manhatten Transfer Atlantic The Manhatten Transfer 10 A
Mann Herbie Atlantic Reggae 10 A
Mann Herbie Atlantic Discotheque 10 A
Mann Herbie Atlantic Live Newport 10 A
Mann Herbie Atlantic New Mann atNewport 10 A
Mann Herbie Atlantic Evolution of Mann 10 A
Mann Herbie Atlantic Our Mann Flute 10 A
Mann Herbie Atlantic Hold on I'm Comin' 25 A
Mann Herbie Atlantic Superman 25 A+
Mann Herbie Savoy Be Bop Synthesis 25 A
Mann Herbie Solid State St Thomas 50 A
Manne Shelly Atlantic Gunn 50 A
Manne Shelly Contemporary Son of Gunn 30 B+
Manne Shelly Contemporary My Fair Lady 15 A
Manne Shelly Contemporary The 3 & The 2 10 A+
Manne Shelly Atlantic Daktari 10 A
Marsalis Wynton Columbia Wynton  Marsalis (1982) 35 A+
Marsalis Wynton Columbia Think of One 20 A+
Marx Dick Omega Marks(sic) Makes... 35 A
Maxted Billy K&H Swingabillity 30 A+
McCann, Les Pacific Jazz The Shout 20 A
McLean Jackie Jubilee J.McLean Quintet 20 B
McPartland Marian Bainbridge Marian McPartland 10 A+
McPhatter Clyde Atlantic The Best of ..... 20 A
McRae Carmen Atlantic  Just A Little Lovin' 15 A
McRae Carmen Atlantic For Once in My Life 20 A+
McRae Carmen Columbia Something Wonderrful 15 B
McRae Carmen Time Live At Sugar Hill 25 A
Meldonian Dick Progressive Plays Gene Roland 10 A
Memphis Slim Bluesvile All Kinds Of Blues 40 A+
Mercer Johnny Jazz Original Johnny Mercer 25 A
Mercer Mabel Atlantic Sings Cole Porter 20 A
Meriwether Roy Columbia Soup & Onions 20 A
Meriwether Roy Gambit Jesus Christ Superstar 20 A
Meriwether Roy QCA Stinger Nubian Lady 10 A
Mingus Charles Everest Records Charlie Mingus 20 A+
Mingus Chas Atlantic Oh Yeah... 25 B
Mingus Chas Atlantic Mingus At Antibes 25 A+
Mingus Chas Columbia Dynasty 25 C
Mingus Chas Impulse Mingus...Mingus 25 A+
Modern Jazz Qrtet Atlantic Fontessa 50 C
Modern Jazz Qrtet Atlantic Pyramid 150 B
Modern Jazz Qrtet Atlantic Live at the Light'hse 50 A
Modern Jazz Qrtet Prestige 10 The MJQ 50 A
Modern Jazz Qrtet Savoy Quartet 25 B
Monk Thelonious Riverside At Town Hall 10 A+
Monk Thelonious Riverside T.M. Greatest Hits 45 A+
Montgomery Wes Verve Tequila 150 A
Morgan Lee Blue Note Sidewinder 10 A-
Morse Ella Mae Capitol Morse Code 10 A+
Mottola Tony Project Heart & Soul 25 A
Mottola Tony Project 3 Lush, Latin & Lovely 75 A+
Mulligan & Baker Pacific Jazz Reunion 15 B
Mulligan Gerry EmArcy Mainstream Jazz 15 A
Mulligan Gerry Limelight If You Cnt Beat Em 40 A
Mulligan Gerry Pacific Jazz Paris Concert 20 B
Mulligan Gerry Status Broadway 20 B
Mulligan Gerry United Artists I Want To Live 75 A
Mulligan Gerry Verve Conc't Jazz Band 10 B
Mulligan Gerry World Pacific California Concert 45 B
Mulligan Gerry World Pacific GM Song Bk Vol. 1 30 B
Mulligan/Baker Gene Norman Gene N Presents G.M. 40 A
Murphy Turk Columbia When the Saints.... 40 B
Murphy Turk Columbia Barrelhouse Jazz 50 K
Newman Joe Jazztone The Counts Men 50 A
Newman Joe Jazztone New Sounds in Swing 50 A
Nordine Ken Dot Word Jazz 75 A
Nut'y Squ'rrls Hanover The Nutty Squirrels (Don Elliott 50 B
O'Day Anita Verve Anita ! 75 A
O'Day Anita Verve Anita Sings the Most 25 A
O'Day Anita Verve At Mr. Kellys 35 A
O'Day Anita Verve (stk cover) Sings Cole Porter 10 B
Pace John Riverside With Chet Baker 30 B
Parker / Gillespie Roulette Echoes of an Era   (2 rcd set) 20 A
Parker Charlie Savoy Jazz The Savoy Recordings Master Takes 20 A+
Parker Chas Everest C ParkerVol 111 20 B
Parker Chas Everest C Parker vol3 40 B
Parker Chas Everest C Parker Vol4 45 B
Parker Chas Parker Happy Bird 100 A
Parker Chas Roost (Dial) The World of CP 40 A+
Parker Chas Savoy MG The C Parker Story 25 A+
Parker Chas Verve C Parker w Strings 50 C
Paul Les Capitol New Sound 25 A
Pell Dave RCA Victor Jazz Goes Dancing 50 A
Peterson Oscar Mercury Oscar Peterson + 3 40 A
Peterson Oscar PA USA The Way I ...Play 10 A+
Peterson Oscar Verve At thCncertgebouw 20 A
Pleasure King Prestige Historical Series 25 B
Powell Bud Quintessence Bud Powell 50 A
Powell Bud Verve Genius of Bud Pow. 25 A
Powell Mel Vanguard Thingamagig 35 A
Previn Andre Columbia 4 To Go 10 B
Prince Bob w TM Columbia What's New 10 B
Prysock Arthur MCA Here's To Good Friends 30 A
Puente Tito Picante El Rey 30 A
Reese Della Jubilee At Mr. Kelly's 20 A+
Reese Della Jubilee What Do You Know 30 A+
Reese Della RCA Victor At Basin St. East 10 A+
Reese Della Jubilee Reminds Me of You 20 A+
Rich Buddy Groove Merchant Transition 15 A+
Rich Buddy Liberty Keep the Cstomer's 20 A
Rich Buddy MCA B.R. Band 15 A
Rich Buddy PacificJazz Big Swing Face 10 B
Rich Buddy RCA Different Drummer 35 A
Ripperton Minnie Capitol Minnie 15 A
Roach Max Riverside Deeds  Not Words 25 A
Roach Max Soulnote In The Light 15 A
Roberts Howard Capitol H.R. is a Dirty .... ... 10 A
Roberts Howard Impulse Antelope Freeway 10 B
Roberts Howard Verve Movin' Man 30 B
Roberts Howard Verve (Polydor) Mr R. Plays Guitar 20 A+
Rogers Bobbi Focus Tommy Wolf Can Hang You... 100 A
Rogers Shorty Decca Man with Gold. Arm 60 B
Rogers Shorty Decca (10 ) The Wild One (10 )Snd Trk 40 A
Rogers Shorty RCA Victor Collaboration 50 B
Rogers Shorty RCA Victor Afro Cuban Influence 35 C
Rogers Shorty RCA Victor Shorty  R. Plays Richard Rogers 20 A
Rogers Shorty RCA Victor Wizard of Oz 50 A
Rogers Shorty Reprise Bossa Nova 30 B
Rollins Sonny RCA Victor What's New 40 B
Rugolo Pete EmArcy Music for HiFi Bugs 25 A
Rugolo Pete Mercury Brass in Hi-Fi 40 A+
Rugolo Pete Mercury Adventure in Sound 75 A
Russo Bill Roulette Seven Deadly Sins 20 A+
Sauter-Finnegan RCA Victor Inside Sauter-Finnegan 20 A
Schuur Diane GRP Deedles (Promo copy) 20 A+
Scott Ronnie Carlton The Couriers of Jazz 20 A
Shank Bud World Pacific BS & The Sax Sec 20 A
Shank Bud World Pacific Brazil! Brazil! 20 A
Shank Bud World Pacific Magical Mystery 35 B
Shaw Artie RCA This is Artie Shaw 15 A
Shaw Artie RCA Victor 10 Moonglow 10 A
Shearing Geo Capitol Black Satin 25 B
Shearing Geo Capitol Shearing on Stage 35 A+
Shearing Geo Capitol The Shearing Piano 30 A
Shearing Geo MGM An Ev'ng w GS Qnt 30 A
Shearing Geo MGM You're Hearing GS 20 C
Shearing Geo MGM 10 You're Hearing GS 25 A
Shearing George Capitol Velvet Carpet 30 A
Shearing George Concord Jazz Record Performance Blues Alley 10 A
Shearing George London Shearing...By Request 20 A
Shearing George Metro I Hear Music 10 A
Shelly Manne, Kessel, Ray Brown Contemporary The Poll Winners 20 A
Shirley Don Cadence Piano Perspectives 50 A
Shorter W (Wth Rpt) ARC(2rcdset) 8:30 Weather Rpt 10 B
Silver Horace Blue Note Cape Verdean Blues 75 A
Sims Zoot 51 West Zoot Sims w B Rich (stk cov) 10 C
Sinatra Frank Capitol Cole Porter Songbook 25 B
Sinatra Frank Capitol My Cole Porter 40 A
Sinatra Frank Coronet T Dorsey and F.S. 20 B
Sinatra Frank Reprise Sinatra-Basie 20 B+
Sinatra Frank Reprise Sinatra and Strings 25 A
Sinatra Frank Reprise Swingin' Brass 15 A
Smith Jimmy Blue Note Midnight Spc'l 30 C
Smith Jimmy Blue Note Bucket 15 A
Smith Jimmy Blue Note Open House 10 A
Smith Jimmy Blue Note I'm Movin' On 10 A
Smith Jimmy Metro At the Village Gate 20 B
Smith Jimmy Verve Who's Afraid of VW 10 B
Smith Jimmy Verve The Cat 50 B
Smith Jimmy Verve Got My Mojo Wrkng 40 A
Southern Jeri Forum Meets JohnnySmith 50 A
Southern Jeri Forum Coffee Cigarettes ... 25 A
Stallings/Tjader Fantasy (Red) CT Plays MS Sings 12 A
Starr Kay Capitol Movin' 10 A
Staton Dakota Capitol Time To Swing 30 A
Staton Dakota Capitol Dynamic 10 C
Staton Dakota Capitol The Late Late Show 10 A
Staton Dakota Groove Merchnt Madame Foo Foo 30 A
Staton Dakota Groove Merchnt Country Man 50 A
Stein Lou Coral Sweet & Lovely 10 A
Stewart Tom ABC Paramnt Sextette/Quintette 20 B
Stitt Sonny Black Lion Night Work 15 A
Stitt Sonny Cobblestone Tune Up (Unopened) 10 A+
Supersax Capitol S'Sax Plays Bird 15 B+
Supersax Columbia Supersax & LA Voic 50 B
Supersax Columbia Straighten Up and... 50 B
Tatum Art Capitol Art Tatum 20 A
Taylor Cecil United Artists Hard Driving Jazz 25 A
Teagarden Jack Bethlehem Meet Me Where They Play the Blues 70 A+
Teagarden Jack Columbia Shades of Night 20 A
Terry Clark EmArcy Clark Terry 30 A
Thielemans Toots Command Contrasts 100 A
Thomas Pat MGM Moody's Mood 50 B
Thompson Sir C Vanguard 10 Quartet 45 A+
Three Sounds Blue Note Hey There 30 A+
Three Sounds Verve Blue Genes 10 A
Timmons Bobby Riverside Easy Does It 10 B
Tjader Cal Fantasy Latin Concert 45 A
Tjader Cal Verve Soul Bird Whiffenpoof 40 A
Tjader/Stallings Fantasy(Red vinyl) CT Plays/MS Sings 40 A
Torme Mel Atlantic At the Red Hill 25 A
Torme Mel Bethlehem w Marty Paich Dektette 45 B+
Torme Mel Coral Musical Sounds... 50 A
Tristano Lennie Ji Gran De Jazz(Ita) Lennie Tristano 10 A+
Troup Bobby Mode Records Bobby Swings Tenderly 25 B
Turrentine Stan Blue Note The Look of Love 35 A
Turrentine Stanley Blue Note Rough `N Tumble 20 B
Van Damme Art Columbia They're  Playing our Song 30 A
Various Bainbridge  Tuttis Trombones 50 A+
Various Blue Note-Liberty Blue Note Gems of Jazz 40 A+
Various Capitol Battle of the Bands 30 A
Various CBS Special Smithsonian Collection  Classic Jazz 15 A+
Various Columbia Jazz Omnibus 20 A
Various Columbia The Sound of Jazz 10 A
Various Decca Urban Sprawl 25 B
Various Design Three of a Kind 30 B
Various Forum Lullabies of Brdlnd 45 B
Various Jazztone 10 Jazztone Artists (Sa 20 A
Various Pacific Jazz Jazz West Coast Vol 2 35 A
Various Pickwick Bop Lives (Dizzy,Bird,Dolphy) 35 A
Various RCA Victor Encycl'd. of Recorded Jazz 35 A
Various RCA Victor Encycl'd. of Recorded Jazz 35 A
Various RCA Victor Encycl'd. of Recorded Jazz 5 A
Various RCA Victor Encycl'd. of Recorded Jazz 25 A
Various RCA Victor Mambo for Cats 20 B
Various Riverside Jazz Artists Cole Porter 15 A
Various Vee Jay L Feather's Encyclopedia of Jazz 35 A
Various VERVE The Hits Are On VERVE 10 A
Various Capitol Dance To The Bands 30 A
Various Columbia $64,000 Jazz 10 A
Various Columbia I Like Jazz 45 A
Vaughan Sarah Everest Sarah Vaughan (SEALED) 10 A+
Vaughan Sarah Mercury In a Romantic Mood 40 A
Vaughan Sarah Pablo S.V.with Duke 5 A
Vaughn Sarah Columbia After Hours 30 A
Vaughn Sarah Forum Dreamy 15 D
Vaughn Sarah Mercury No Count Sarah 25 A+
Vaughn Sarah Roulette The World of Sarah V 10 B+
Ventura Charlie Brunswick(Decca)  Conct GeneNorm'n 100 B+
Ventura Charlie Craftsmen CV Plays for the People 20 B
Ventura Charlie Gene Norman In Cncrt w Jackie & Roy 10 B+
Ventura Charlie Tops Plays Hi-Fi Jazz 25 B
Walton Cedar RCA Victor Beyond Mobius 30 A
Washington Dinah EmArcy (Nippon import) Dinah Jams (Nippon Import) 30 A+
Washington Dinah Mercury Unforgettable 25 A
Washington Dinah Mercury D.W. With B B'ntn 20 A
Washington Dinah Roulette Dinah `62 10 A+
Washington Dinah Roulette World of D.W. 10 A
Washington Dinah Wing Late  Show 10 A
Washington Dinah Wing DW Sings 20 A
Washington Grover Kudu Mr Magic 10 A
Watters Lu Good Time Jazz 1942 Series 30 A
Weather Rpt Columbia Mysterious Traveller 75 A+
Webster Ben Reprise Warm Mood 10 A
Wiley Lee RCA Victor West of the Moon 10 A
Wilson  Nancy Capitol Just for Now 10 A
Wilson Nancy Capitol How Glad I Am 15 A
Wilson Nancy Capitol Today- My Way 15 A
Wilson Nancy Capitol Hollywood  My Way 35 A
Wilson/ Shearing Capitol Swinging`s Mutual 10 B
Winding Kai Palace More Jazz w Bird/Diz 30 A
Winding Kai Pickwick K.W. Trombones 20 B
Winding Kai Verve More 100 B
Witherspoon Jimmy Muse Records Midnight Lady Called the Blues 25 A+
Wolf Tommy Fraternity Spring Can Really... B
Wstchstr Wkshop Unique JAZZ A

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