Friday, December 21, 2018

Ready to Kick It Up in 2019? Jazz & Blues Florida January Issue Order Deadline (TOMORROW!) and Reports

This is the monthly blog message to past and future clients - artists, agencies, festivals, clubs, venues, concert promoters, societies and music related business. It has been upgraded to EVERYONE due to the importance of the price change and #5 below which will affect EVERYONE on our lists. Thanks! Charlie

If you're not IN, you're OUT.
(See #5 below)
1) Deadline for January orders is tomorrow,
Saturday, December 22, 2018.
Email me NOW at
 to place yours.

2) January is traditionally our highest traffic/distribution
month of the year. If you an artist with a new release/tour, a
club or venue with a season calendar, or an upcoming
festival, NOW is the time to get the promotion in place.

3) This is the last month we are offering the prices we have had
in place since 2015. New prices will be published 1/1/19. Yes,
we are worth it.

4) The Cover Features are SOLD OUT until JUNE 2019.
Spotlight features are available monthly.

5) We INTEND to totally flush our subscriber email list
before the end of the year. EVERYONE will need to
re-subscribe. And, the plan is to limit FREE subscriptions
to the 9,999 that get back on the list first. Above that
there will be a nominal annual fee to be on the list.
Watch for notice and instructions if you want to stay
with us!


If you aren't doing this well, let us help you...
Here is the 'Quick' report for 
the month:
Current total MailChimp subscribers: 8,732
Current total social media contacts: 15,890*
Past month News Blog views: 16,721
Past month main website views: 3,942
Past month banner Views: 71,256
(Clicks: 7,496, Click-thru rate: 10.52%
Past month YouTube views: 3,100
Past month YouTube impressions: 15,900
Past month Pinterest views: 4,288
Past month Twitter impressions: 8,325
(Original source reports on ALL numbers
available on request. No fluff. No B.S.)


*FB Personal Page - 5.000
FB PP Followers - 2,009
FB Jazz Blues Florida - 4,449
LINKEDIN  - 3,202
YouTube - 505

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