Sunday, December 30, 2018

Last Call! Havana's International Jazz Plaza Festival 2019 in January - Multiple Tour Packages Available

JAZZ CUBA is the way to go to
Afro-Cuban Beats, Latin Jazz, 
Salsa, Son and Rumba in its
Epicenter....Havana Cuba!

  If Cuba was the only country in the world, earth would
 be known as the music planet! That’s why global celebs
 and jazz aficionados flock to legendary Cuba like pilgrims
to Mecca for the Havana International Jazz Festival.

Sensuous Cuba is a nation of intense rhythms, colors,
 emotions, aromas and flavors. What travelers remember
 most is its ubiquitous pulsating music – and the
passionate friendly islanders who make and revel in it.

Cuba’s a music machine pumping out wall-to-wall sound
that fuels the global music scene. Come visit Cuba with
us. Jump into its audio inferno of Afro-Cuban beats, Latin
jazz and swirling salsa, and dizzying son and rumba.

We’ve been helping music lovers experience the richness
of Cuban life and culture since 1997. Our Jazz tours
follow the official Jazz Plaza programs of the Cuban
Institute of Music and the Cuban Ministry of Culture.


Staff hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week

Call 1-888-965-5647 toll free 24/7  US and Canada
and +1-604-874-9048 beyond North America
or email: email

Havana Jazz Festival is organized by Paradiso,
an agency of the Cuban Ministry of Culture.
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