Thursday, November 8, 2018

Bridget Kelly Band - Playing the Blues While Spinning Down the Road

Bridget Kelly Band
Continues to Rock the Charts!

Bridget Kelly - Vocals
Timmy Fik - Guitar
Mark Armbrecht - Bass
Tim Mulberry - Drums

Nov 10: Dunedin Wines the Blues
Nov 12: Funky Biscuit, Boca Raton
Nov 30: Bradenton Blues Fest Appetizer
DEC 1: Gainesville Downtown Art Fest, Plaza Stage, 3pm
Dec 9: North Central Florida Blues Society Presents:
 with Mark Telesca, Danielle Nicole, and Anthony Gomes!

Festival Alerts!
Save the Dates:
March 16: Blues Bash at the Ranch, Brooksville, FL
April 21: Rockin' River Walk Festival, Stuart, FL
June 22: Northwoods Blues Festival, Chippewa Falls, WI

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Inspired by classic & electric blues, the award winning Bridget Kelly Band  has placed their unique stamp on the blues genre, with high-energy live  performances and a hybrid sound that mixes Texas and Memphis Blues with  various Southern Blues traditions. The powerful and sultry vocals of  singer Bridget Kelly and the incendiary lead guitar work of Tim Fik  forge a signature hybrid sound that combines female urban blues with  riff-driven rockin' blues guitar; held together by a dynamic rhythm  section comprised of Tim Mulberry on drums and Mark Armbrecht on bass.  The band has been performing at blues clubs, concerts, and festivals  throughout the United States, and recently had a standing ovation at BUDDY GUY’S LEGENDS in Chicago, Infinity Hall in Hartford, Ct and the Funky Biscuit in Boca Raton!  Their last two albums, Blues Warrior and Bone Rattler have made the “For your consideration list” for a Grammy nomination.  As IBC Semi-Finalists in 2015 and 2016, the group  continues to gain national media attention.  Blues Warrior, Released in June 2018, has been on the RMR Rock Blues Charts for 24 weeks, Bone Rattler, Released in June of 2017, was #1 RMR  Electric Blues for over 6 months, made the Living Blues chart, and all five of the Bridget Kelly Band has intense air play all over the globe including Sirius XM radio (B.B. King's  Bluesville) and stations around the world.   "Outta the Blues" (2016) rose to #11 on the RMR Contemporary Blues  chart, hit #1 on the RMR Electric Blues Chart in July and August of  2016, and was the #4 ranked Roots Music Radio "Electric Blues" album of  the year.  The Bridget Kelly Band has favorable media reviews and regular airplay on Pandora,  Spotify, Jango, and Internet radio which expand the band's  International fan base.  Look for their upcoming contemporary CD Southern Blues in 2019!


Can't make show but want yourself 
some? Here's the list and down there
are the links!

"Blues Warrior"
"Bone Rattler"
"Back in the Blues"
"Outta the Blues" 
"Forever in Blues"
available at 




Hello everyone!
We will be putting out our new CD Blues warrior in the spring or early summer. I am hoping for June 1, 2018 or sooner with early distribution at the Blues Music Awards in Memphis on May 10th.

This CD is called Blues Warrior. Content was inspired by personal stories of adversity and my life experiences and include social topics such as homelessness, addiction, domestic violence and human trafficking that have affected me deeply.

Stolen is a song about human trafficking. While driving through the desert in a very remote area near New Mexico while touring I saw a rest stop women's bathroom door with a  lock on the outside and sitting in the parking lot was a white van. I wasn't alone and I noticed the lock but was scared. The experience rattled me and made me aware of human trafficking. I also started noticing posters in many of the bathrooms around the country trying to help. Watching videos and learning more about those who have been stolen we wrote Stolen. Listening to the play back I sobbed and my mom couldn't even listen to the whole thing. 

Snow Fall is a song about heroin addiction. Tim is a board member on NurseNBlues headed by Patti Parks and that has brought more insight into this horrible addiction. As we learn more and more about young adults and heroin addiction we are devastated by the numbers and the statistics of young people in our country dying from heroin overdose. It's an epidemic, so we wrote the song Snow Fall. 

The song about the homeless was inspired when I was walking home from the Daytona Blues Festival in the night after playing a wonderful event and I was walking across the bridge and I saw old homeless men and women rolled up in tarps sleeping against the bridge in the cold. They became invisible because they were tucked neatly against the wall and people driving by couldn't even see them. In the winter in Florida I also see a lot of homeless asking for money on street corners.

The song I domestic violence (I think it's called it’s called No Good Man but I will also get check that) is a song about a woman whose really beaten by her spouse and she decides to leave him.  For those paying attention, this social and community ill is too-wide spread not be recognized and called out and stopped when seen.

Cabrini Green is a song about the loss of community in Chicago when they tore Cabrini-Green down. I was living near there an often visited Chicago throughout College and watched us they demolished the buildings. What really wasn't talked about was how it destroyed the generations and community of that area mostly for greed. The song is blues rock song, 1 -4 -5 progression with heavy guitar.  

CHEMO was inspired by Candye Kane and her fight and loss of life from cancer. I watched her fight for her life in the most noble and strong way. My heart goes out to Laura who lost the love of her life. It is also dedicated to two people that I lost from cancer my Grandma Kelly and Joyce Hanken. Chemo is a terrible song it is dark and horrible with a loss of life at the end. True blues.

My Little Honey Bee is a Love Song that includes making honey in the bed, a funny happy little song that helps balance the whole CD with its dark topics.

We will be going out on tour for June and July supporting the CD and playing all over the country. Doug Tackett is AMAZING and booking the Bridget Kelly Band now. 

Much love to you all. Hope to see you out there.

~ ~ ~

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