Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Jazz & Blues Florida - The Best of 2015 List's BEST TIKI BAR MUSIC NIGHT Announced

2: The Best Tiki Bar Music Night - Ka' Tiki Sunset Beach

TC Carr & Bolts of Blue
TC Carr Vocals and Harmonica
Josh Nelms Guitar
Vinnie Seplesky Bass 
Dennis McCarthy Drums and vocals
Special Guest: Jimmy Griswold
Hands down, the Ka' Tiki at Sunset Beach on Treasure Island RULES Monday nights in Florida. It is everything you would expect, with more in the music department than you would believe if you haven't been there, yet!  TC Carr & Bolts of Blue hold down the regular weekly gig with a rotation of the best artists you will see anywhere in Florida. The place is affordable and easy-going (except for that parking thing, but hey, it's a beach island in season - what do expect?) with a vibe that rolls right in off the gulf and takes the patrons far away from what most of them know as regular life. For others, this is their real life. Here are links Facebook albums from previous visits with pics, commentary and vid clips in the comments. You'll see what I mean!

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1: The Best Blues Photo
Photo by Louis Blackwell - Commissioned by Jazz Blues Florida LLC
(L-R: Dave Renson, Little Mike, Steve Howell, Ace Brawler, Eloise Davis)
Click on photo for larger image.
On Saturday, October 3, 2015 we gathered for the 7th Annual Pat Ramsey Benefit for Big Bend Hospice Concert at the Bradfordville Blues Club. This photo is of the closing set, with Little Mike and The Blues Disciples.

This photo was chosen not upon only the quality of the photo (composition, lighting, etc), rather, for that and multiple other reasons - what it captures, invokes and represents, perhaps.

The scene is the venerable Bradfordville Blues Club (Leave your drinks, politics and weapons at home, please. You don't need them here). A gathering place of the blues community. A club with a gig for thousands of musicians making their way down the highway over the years. The walls echo with the everlasting vibrations of the music they brought, they left here, and they took with them. A place of solace and rejuvenation for tens of thousands of us that search out the music and the accompanying society for these reasons, whether or not we know or admit that is why we come. The spirit of music, and its people, lives here. Thank you Gary, Kim and the extended BBC Family (AKA: The Irregulars) for keeping the light lit at the little jook in the woods where the gravel road turns to dirt.

The event is about music bringing good people together and doing good for others, while we are still here, while remembering and honoring those that went on before. Old friends in the knowing presence of old friends. Acquaintances and newcomers quickly becoming friends with those that will someday become old friends as we roll on through life and take this day with us. Pat Ramsey is all of this, and still here with us.

The musicians shown - with the intensity of the night, the music, and the gathering showing in each of their faces - bring together the past, the present, and the future, and well represent our community. Pat's bandmates (the past), his son(the future), the present (Major Bacon & Little Mike), and the interconnection of all here in Florida. Whether born here, moved here, or touring here and the world, they join tonight on stage for a 1st-off, 1st-rate show as if they have been playing together for years.

And, the dancers. All of us weren't meant to dance, but all of us are made happier by those that do. Thank you.

Thank you Louis Blackwell for this photo that will become part of all said above.

More info on the event CLICK HERE

Well, that's all I got for now. If I come up with other 'Bests" that I feel should be shared, I'll be updating this page.

And, a personal Thank you to Debbi Ramsey and Steve Howell for their tireless effort in producing this event each year and allowing my participation. It is truly one of my best days each year.

DISCLOSURE STATEMENT: Little Mike & The Tornadoes and Bradfordville Blues Club are clients of Jazz Blues Florida LLC. The event is not a client, nor any of the other artists.


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  1. Little Mike is a Grand Talent... and the people standing alongside of him are always of the same caliber. You did Good Charlie.