Monday, December 20, 2010

Song Marketing - Florida Bluesman Style!

Our friend, Bluesman Randy Hock from over Tampa way, has had some success with a song he put out earlier this year and we thought it would be of interest for him to share with us how he did the promotion. Here is what he had to say about getting airplay, pushing for corporate ‘sponsorship’ of the tune and placing it on the market for sale – all by himself! This bluesman is as hard driving as that bass line he puts out!

“There was no "special" plan when I started with this song, but I had in mind when I wrote it that it would be a good theme song for ESPN and their poker shows. My genre is blues and a bit more difficult to work with then other genres so I chose the music from music I like that I saw got good audience response, such as Elmore James’ "Dust My Broom." Then the plan was to get it out and get it heard so I started with my MySpace site and used everything I could find that the site offered including audio player, videos, notices and notices of my gigs so I get more people to hear it live. Then I found a great sight "Live Blues World" which attracted two DJ's (Live365’s Mray and Bighamr) that heard the song and asked to play it. Once I saw the radio play potential I signed up with CDBaby, and they got it to i-tunes. From there, I told people of the successes and attracted more DJ's via Facebook. They were coming to me, and still are, so far, including Big D from WWOZ the famous radio/web station out of New Orleans. I also found other sites you can upload songs to and get free airplay. You just need to be on the look out for all opportunities. I found Music Xray and submitted the song to Dennis Gelbaum who is a consultant for ESPN-NASCAR and he sent it to ESPN for consideration. He also asked me to write a theme song for NASCAR which is in the works. It passed through the front door and on to the media department, and then went to the final decision maker. Things move slower in the corporate world and it is still there now awaiting a decision. So it's all in having a good song that you believe in, getting DJ's to play it and having the likes of CDbaby or tunecore distribute it for you. Now there is more going on with record companies, but nothing I can discuss yet. Hopefully the next time you hear from me I will have a contract in my hand! You can hear the Texas Holdem Blues and my latest songs at "


Randy Bluesman Hock

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