Thursday, March 23, 2017

Jazz & Blues Florida - Past month performance report and April order deadline announcement.

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The JBF Quick as of 3/8/17:
Current total email subscribers: 12,143.
Current total social media contacts*: 13,097.
Past month News Blog views: 32,360.
Past month main website views: 7,873
(From 57 countries and 49 US states!)
Past month Youtube views: 3,853.

Attention Artists, Clubs, 
Venues, Festivals, Agents!

Please look at the numbers above and ask if your current paid or self-promotion efforts are producing these types of results?

Have you calculated the monetary value of the time spent, or the return on your investment for outside services?

Do you even know what your return on the investment of your time is if you are doing it yourself?

Do you feel that your time would be better spent attending to other areas of your business such as booking, management duties, sales, practice and/or improvements?

Work has begun on the April issue, and we are currently taking orders. We begin placements immediately on orders placed and paid for, so if we took your order for April today, you would receive the balance of March exposure at no additional cost.

Also, our prices INCLUDE artwork creation, if needed, that you can use elsewhere as you please. That alone provides a tremendous savings of money if you take it elsewhere for creation or a tremendous savings in time if you do it yourself, at a level of professionalism that has kept us in business for over 10 years. Package prices start at $120 per month, and every package includes full platform placements of: 1) Display ad in monthly magazine, 2) Banner ads, 3) News Blog posting with social media distribution, 4) Email blast, and 5) Premium listing.

  • Email me directly,, to get started.
  • The order deadline for the April 2017 issue is 3/24/17.
  • We are currently looking for Cover Features ($250) for June forward and spotlight features ($50) are available every month.
  • If you want original source report graphics on the numbers reported, just let me know.


Jazz & Blues Florida
(561) 313-7432

Did you know that as Florida’s promotion platform for live jazz & blues:
-We have the most comprehensive festival page for Florida jazz & blues: 
-We have daily-updated listings of Florida jazz & blues shows:  
- We have the most comprehensive and active news blog for Florida jazz & blues news:
-We have the most complete and current listing of Florida jazz and blues resources:

*Social media contacts
FB personal; Friends: 5,000, Followers: 1,895
FB business: 3,303 (past month post reach of 5,867)
LinkedIn: 2,348
Twitter: 484
Youtube: 337
TOTAL  13,097

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