Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Jazz & Blues Florida Monthly Activity, Traffic and Distribution November 2023 Quick Report - What is Jazz & Blues Florida?

The Musicians May Be Playing,
The Venues & Shows May Be Fun,
And At The End Of The Night,
It Is Still Music BUSINESS
That Keeps It Going.

  Jazz & Blues Florida magazine stands as a prominent and trusted publication dedicated to the vibrant live jazz and blues scene in Florida. With a history spanning 17 years, the magazine has become a go-to resource for both local and touring artists, festivals, jazz & blues societies, concerts, clubs, and music enthusiasts. 

  The magazine's comprehensive platform includes a monthly online publication, a website featuring concert and festival listings, a news blog with a substantial readership, and a personalized news email subscription service. Additionally, Jazz & Blues Florida has a significant presence on various social media platforms, connecting with over 24,000 followers.

   One distinctive feature of Jazz & Blues Florida is its commitment to providing accurate and timely information about live jazz and blues performances. The magazine serves as a valuable guide, presenting previews of upcoming shows while maintaining a positive and supportive tone. Jazz & Blues Florida is known for its credibility, offering a reliable source for both event details and insights into the thriving jazz and blues community in the state. 

  The magazine's services extend to local and touring artists, festivals, jazz societies, performing arts centers, clubs, and concert halls throughout Florida. With a global readership, Jazz & Blues Florida has positioned itself as an essential platform for artists and music-related businesses to connect with their audience. 

  In addition to its informative content, Jazz & Blues Florida features an extensive online photo album library with over 60,000 Florida live music photos and videos, capturing the essence of the dynamic jazz and blues performances in the state. Overall, Jazz & Blues Florida magazine is a vital resource for anyone looking to stay informed and engaged with the rich live music scene in Florida.

Traffic / Activity / Distribution -
Quick report as of 11/15/23:
*Current total social media contacts:  24,585 
Current total active MailChimp subscribers: 4,429 
(Open rate of 43% (21% is standard) and click-thru 1.6%)
Life Time News Blog Views: 2,518,704 
Past month news blog views: 9,906 
Past month main website views: 3,160 
Past month magazine impressions: 1,655 
Past month Instagram accounts reached: 3,350 
Past month YouTube views: 2,558
Past month Twitter impressions: 777 
Past month FB biz page reach: 39,844

The order placement deadline for the December 2023
issue is Friday, 11/24/23. The Cover Feature is 
available for the January, February and May '24 issues. 
with order inquiries. 

*Social Media Connections Breakdown:
FB Personal Page Friends:  5,000 
FB Personal Page Followers:  2,457 
FB JBF Page Followers:  8,659
LINKEDIN Connections:  3,653 
TWITER Followers:  101
Account is no longer active other than posting to it. 
Too much trash and porn on app for suitable use.)
INSTAGRAM Followers: 3,572 
YouTube Subscribers: 1,064
(Original source reports on ALL numbers available 
on request. No fluff. No 'multipliers.' No B.S.)

We are a multi-media promotion platform for live jazz & blues in
Florida's clubs, concerts and festivals.
Please consider connecting with our info flow through:
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