Thursday, June 21, 2018

Jazz Blues Florida - Milestones, Reports, Email Blasts SALE, July & Other Business News

Advertise with Jazz Blues Florida?
Here's part of youranswer:

1) People SEE what we put out.
2) People PAY ATTENTION to what we put out.
3) People LIKE what we put out.
4) People REACT to what we put out.
5) Jazz Blues Florida is RELEVANT.

This Facebook page is only ONE of FIVE social media streams
we push out to. And social media is only ONE of FIVE parts
of the platform we offer!  
Rate sheet below - email TODAY.


Here is the 'Quick' report for the month:
Current total MailChimp subscribers: 9,043
Current total social media contacts: 15.208*
Past month News Blog views: 30,202
Past month main website views: 4,493
Past month banner Views: 82,712
(Clicks: 4,025, Click-thru rate: 4.87%
Past month YouTube views: 3,454
Past month Pinterest views: 4,230
Past month Twitter impressions: 6,537
(Original source reports on ALL numbers
available on request. No fluff. No B.S.)

Also, I haven't checked in awhile, and we have reached some more
milestones... Recently we passed the ONE MILLION pageviews and the
HALF MILLION userlevels on Wow.


Deadline for July placements is Friday, June 22, 2018. Email me directly at and we will get it done.

Cover Feature is SOLD OUT for 2018. Now taking orders for 2019.  Spotlight features open every month.


Due to unsold end-of-month capacity Jazz & Blues Florida is
offering email blasts/blog postings/premium listings at $30 OFF
($50 instead of $80) for the following dates: Thu 6/21/18, Fri 6/22/18,
Sat 6/23/18, Sun 6/24/18, Mon 6/25/18 and Tue 6/26/18. Email
me at to get your order in.
Professional artwork development NOT included.


1) Jazz Blues Florida will be revamping our email subscriber database soon and will be asking everyone that wishes to continue getting news from us to re-subscribe. Please watch for upcoming notices.
2) is moving to a new web page platform. There will be some growing, and learning pains, so please be patient when it happens. Thank you.
3) We are now entering orders out as far as May of 2019. If you are thinking of getting on board NOW is the time to do so for securing the best blast dates and cover features.


And here is our rate sheet which presents our platform and the options available for placements:

*FB Personal Page - 5.000
FB PP Followers - 1,938
FB Jazz Blues Florida - 4,027
LINKEDIN  - 3,101
YouTube - 468

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