Saturday, July 21, 2012

Al Goes to the Beach - Cool sounds and company to be found...

Submitted by Al Kanovsky, 7/21/12

It's Friday night, it's hot and I'm feeling fat and lazy. I opt for a club nearby. O'Malleys Ocean Pub. On the beach, just over the Hollywoud Blvd. bridge. It turns out to be a great choice. Cool ocean breeze, cool prices for adult beverages and a cool blues band, The SoulFonics. They play the Blues Chicago style and their funky soul sound is strictly Memphis. Billy Seward(guitar/vocals) fronts the band and is backed by Phil(keyboard) Ron(drums) Manny(bass) Jason(trumpet) and last but not least, playing a soulful tenor sax---"One Night Stan'". A special guest was blues vocalist Betty Padgett. Can that girl sing or what? She had everyone tappin', clappin' and getting up to dance.
I don't know why it happens to me----listen-----a young couple with a little boy ask if they can share my table. "Of course" I say. With that Betty is into her next number. The young woman gets up to dance by herself. Her companion is holding the child. She looks over toward me. I am boppin' my head in time to the music. She puts on a beautiful country girl smile and extends her arms towards me, in an invitation to dance. I protest. She insists. I protest-----you know who wins. Her name is Amanda, a country gal from Canada. His name is Rick. The boys name is Ryder. Amanda and Rick are young enough to be my grandkids. I hope my grandchildren know as much about how to enjoy life. Had a great time listening to a really tight band and a dynamic singer. Hot tip: Hot summer night, choose a beachside venue.

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