Thursday, June 1, 2017

Jazz & Blues Florida - Florida's Free Online Guide to the Best in Live Jazz & Blues June 2017 Edition Posted

Blues is to jazz what yeast is
to bread--without it, it's flat.
Jazz & Blues Florida June 2017 
Posted 6/1/17

Put some yeast in your life -
rise up off the couch and get
some live jazz and blues!

The June 2017 issue of Jazz & Blues Florida has been posted at to help you find the BEST of what is happening on the scene, state-wide.

For over ten years we have bringing you this monthly publication as a to-the-consumer free information source about both new artists coming up and reminders about what our old friends are now doing. Our unique business is based on a platform that consists of the monthly publication (having NEVER missed a 1st of the month distribution!) of artist features and show and festival notices, the 100% opt-in only subscription email list of over 10,000 individuals, a news blog that has accumulated over ONE MILLION views and is currently drawing over 25,000 readers per month with social media integration to over 13,000 contacts, client-only state-wide listings of what is happening where along with and eye-grabbing web-based banner ads (updated daily). And, we put our numbers right up front in the original reports for all to see - .

This business model (creating and providing a marketing/promotion platform that is much higher functioning and more financially viable than any individual artist, club, venue, festival, or other music related entity can create for their own use in getting information out to the public or individual music fan could accumulate by their own means) only works because all of us in the equation are doing our part.

The artists that create the music, the businesses that provide the space and all it includes for the music to be played in, and the listeners that attend and pay covers when needed and purchase food and beverages at the shows so those business can STAY IN BUSINESS and pay the musicians, and our services of connecting the information about the artists and venues with the live music fan community are all part of the equation. All of these 'parts' must be active, and viable, for the scene to prosper.  The incredible changes brought on by the impact of technology on the music and entertainment has created re-allocations of resources that still being identified and adjusted to in many ways.

So, THANK YOU, kind readers, for your interest in what we cover and provide, and for putting that interest into action by rising up and getting out, and letting others (artists and club/venue/festival management) know that you get information from Jazz & Blues Florida.

And, THANK YOU, clients, that support us doing the work it takes to keep Jazz & Blues Florida going, by your ad placements.  

You have our word that we will continue to try to do our BEST to fulfill our part of the equation, and keep the music going by keeping the information flowing.

Wishing you safe travels to good music,

PS - Order deadline for July is Wednesday, June 22. Don't put it off if you want in to get the word out.

Jazz & Blues Florida
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