Friday, April 20, 2018

Jazz & Blues Florida - Stats Report, Feature Availability and May Order Deadline Notice

Getting to know and 
understand what we
do, and how we do it....

Summer’s coming on, and businesses and musicians are already planning for the 2018-19 season. If you are in the ranks of those, please consider our services to increase the impact and efficiency of your marketing/promo efforts.

Here are our latest monthly stats:

Here is the 'Quick' report for the past 31 days:
Current total MailChimp subscribers: 9,093
Current total social media contacts: 14,989*
Past month News Blog views: 15,588
Past month main website views: 2,422
(34,696 from 115 countries and every U.S. state over the past year!)
Past month banner Views: 94,989
(Clicks: 5,592, Click-thru rate: 5.89%
Past month YouTube views: 3,622
Lifetime views: 253,837! OVER a **QUARTER MILLION VIEWS!
Past month Pinterest views: 4,509
Past month Twitter impressions: 7,745
(Original source reports on ALL numbers
available on request. No fluff. No B.S.)

Deadline for May placements is Tuesday, April 23, 2018. Email me directly at and we will get it done.

Cover Feature is available for Sept and Dec ONLY for 2018. Now taking orders for 2019.  Spotlight features open every month.

And here is our rate sheet which presents our platform and the options available for placements:

*NOTICE*. Due to major trouble at the West Palm Beach web hosting business (see article linked below) that has held me captive for for ten years and has done nothing to help improve this business, there may be some down/time as we move to another platform. Unlike them, who have given us NO notice of this, we prefer to let you know what is going on...
If anyone out there wants my personal input on this firm, please contact me directly, and I'll give you an earful.

*FB Personal Page - 4,995
FB PP Followers - 1,933
FB Jazz Blues Florida - 3,935
LINKEDIN  - 3,009
YouTube - 453

**Blog View Report - April 19, 2018

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