Saturday, April 7, 2018

Blues TV Program Accepting Video Submissions

After twenty plus years of doing a Blues program on community radio WCUW Don Northway is now producing “Blues Video Jam” which he will host on WCCA-TV's “Blues Video Jam.”

This is a one hour show, broadcast three times a week. Available, after initial broadcast, as On Demand from station internet archives. Likely to have one clip of an artist per show. Intention is a place for blues audiences to be aware of how that artist’s live performance is. As well as introduce new people to the blues. WCCA is a community access station in Worcester, MA. It currently has a Country Video Jam. Likely some will simply watch from their couch, when in the mood for some good blues. Assume some people will be exposed to an artist and want to own some of that music. Much like hearing something on radio, etc. Of course video has the added visual attraction.

Now welcoming Blues videos / film clips/DVD submissions. Owner of the video must okay it being used without restriction.  

Don Northway Blues Video Jam -WCCA – TV 10 Congress St Worcester, MA 01609-2003

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