Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Gibson 1972 Limited Edition Firebird Guitar - Owned and Played by Jimmy Zero of the Seminal Punk Band, The Dead Boys SOLD!


Gibson 1972 Limited Edition Firebird Guitar.

Notarized Affidavit of Ownership included,
signed by Hilly Kristal, Charlie Martin, and
Jimmy Zero. Affidavit also states that this is
the ONLY guitar Jimmy Zero used on their second 
album (We Have Come for Your Children in 1978).
This album was recorded in Miami's Criteria Studios.
Hilly Kristal was also the owner/manager of CBGB.
The guitar neck has been broken and repaired.
Jimmy's name is knifed on back.
Not in PERFECT condition - as would be expected
of a punk rock guitar!
(photo below)


Frank, and guitar.

Affidavit of ownership.

Guitar in touring case w/ affidavit.

Same as above - different view.


Even closer!

Closest! #ONE-69!

Gibson half stack (Model G8, 120W, 4x12") included.
Did NOT belong to Jimmy, but it is the 'match' to the guitar.

Yes, FOUR!

Wires attached, but no strings!

In case you need them...

Amp Details

Wouldn't you turn some heads walking into the jam with
this rig?

Just off the road!

Case from Eddie Bell Guitar Headquarters, Inc.
The last Gibson store in NYC?

~ ~ ~
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  1. It's like buying the guitar cheap and getting the amp for free!