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Yesterday, today...(I don't know about the previous one, but the today and tomorrow are looking like a good time Allen Kanovsky! See you at Arts Garage around 7pm to kick things off!)

Submitted by Al Kanovsky 11/02/13

...and tomorrow. Friday I encountered all 3. It was my  pal, Dr. Jules Oaklanders' 82d birthday.

He was celebrating by helping celebrate Iko-Iko's 30th anniversary at Ed Bell's live broadcast from the studios of WLRN (91.3FM). Nicole Yarling plays violin and does vocals with the band. Nicole is the cover girl on this months JAZZ&BLUES Florida ezine. And if that ain't enough she did double duty at the Gold Coast JAZZ society kick-off of the First Friday Jam at Art Serve in Ft. Lauderdale.
Graham Wood Drout is the leader of Iko-Iko. He also composes most of the BLUES they play.

The band members are Mitch Mestel(bass), Ron Taylor(keys) John Wenzel(lead guitar), Daniel East(drums), Jeff Zavac(tenor/bari/flute) and the aforementioned Nicole. The program started with "Zydeco Town", then the meaningful "The Day the Old Man Died". Graham sang the lyric and there were stirring solos by Jeff and John. Next they returned to traditional N'awlins tempo with "Pet the Cat" and giving John a chance to show his BLUES imagination. Nicole always wears a 'happy face' and she had the audience respond with her version of "Oopoopadoo". She does a bowed violin solo followed by vocal and drums only. Great fun for all. After the station break the band played "Voodoo With the Zombies" including Rons' solo on the Hammond XK-I.

Grahams song "The Ghosts of Mississippi" is an all time BLUES classic. Jeff picks up the flute for his portion and it is beautiful. Nicole and John match it with their solos. 

The live radio show has ended. Graham and Nicole are entertaining the studio audience with  stories about the fabled live music venue "Tobacco Road". Graham tells of naming Nicole's first band "Little Nicci and the Slicks". All the tunes played so far, with the exception of "oopoopadoo" are from the talented pen of Graham Wood Drout. 

Nicole counts off a shuffle, "Tell Me Why" to close the show. Happy Birthday, Doctor Jules. Happy Anniversary Iko-Iko. Looking forward to Nicole later Friday nite.  

I take a shower, change clothes and make it in time for the pre-jam cocktail party hosted by the Gold Coast JAZZ Society for its members. Playing in the foyer of the ArtServe gallery are Nicole with Mark Marinow on keys and Lenny Steinberg on drums. Nicci asks Lenny if he can do 2d line on the cajon. "Why Not". and they do "The Dreams On Me". Wine and hors d'ouvres are on the host and that is where I head. Lennox Caterers has prepared the tasty delights and the owner, Dee, is in attendance to see that it is served properly. Every morsel was a work of art and so is Dee. They say that G-d works in mysterious ways. And so He does. The room is a little crowded. I ask a couple if it would be alright to join them. They are Jody Snoberger and Hugh Root. They live in a 'senior' community in Boca. Some light conversation and then Hugh tells of his finding his faith. We share epiphany tales and realize that we were meant to meet.
He is devoted to JAZZ and buys season tickets to the Gold Coast concert series.
We move to the music room. A new, slim, properly hair-cutted Jaimie Ousley (bass) has joined the band. Before the youngsters get up to Jam, Nicole opens with "Without A Song" which included some scat lines and a 'quote' of "Give Me Those Simple Things". I have spoken about the lost art of drum "brushes". Lenny found it with his solo. 

The fledgling musicians start coming up. Dillard School For the Arts is well represented by Anthony Hervey(trumpet), Carla Robinson(piano), Max Holm(piano), and Sydney Henry(drums).

They are joined by Miguel Russell, Glades Middle School(congas). Miguel turned 12 last week and is definitely in the tomorrow of JAZZ. Quinn Kirschbaum, Ramblewood Middle School,(bass guitar) is in his first Jam. Sam Sternfield, Deerfield Beach High(alto sax) is most comfortable in the 'bop' genre. Kobie Alleyne plays steel pan. He is still in middle school although he has grown since last year. Kobie is not a star of the future. He IS a star right now. Taking turns at solos and features they do "BLUES", some straight-ahead and a little bop. During the playing of "A-Train" Sam takes a little liberty in quoting "All Of Me". He did it again during "Oleo" when he quoted "Surrey With the Fringe On Top". I'll have to introduce him to Dolf. Carla's solo makes you sit-up and pay attention. Miguel can final be seen waist-up behind the congas. Last year his shoulders were drumhead high. Monk's influence on  young players of today is shown when they do "Oleo" and follow with "Straight, No Chaser". Max Holm and Anthony Hervey prove why Dillard is in the forefront of youthful JAZZ education. I requested "C-Jam BLUES' as the show closer and Nicole said yes-----to the song, I mean. Sydney placed the 'cajon' between her knees and a smile on her face-the first of the night. The kids and adults were all 'on stage' and they did SWING !!!! .

Busy week-end ahead. Tomcat Blake at Arts Garage, Steve Cole at Funky Biscuit, Alice Day at Avenue D for Sunday Brunch., Barbara Van's new Sunday jazz jam Jake's, Susan Merritt Trio and guests at 264 The Grill in Palm Beach, and ------- like Sonny and Cher once sang "On & On, On & On, On & on.

Al's Disclaimer:
A short note: The reason I write this is because I love music and words. I do not book acts. I do not promote acts. I do not accept invitations to review artists. I go to venues of my own choice. When and where is not influenced by anything other than who I would like to hear that night or day. If I don't like what I hear, I won't write about it. When I like it I let you all know. I never mention a name without asking permission. "Pardon me, Miss. Would you like to dance?"       

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