Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"I'm GettingThose...(time to check those tires for uneven wear, Allen Kanovsky, or too much coffee at The Funky Biscuit jam?)

Submitted by Al Kanovsky 10/29/13

...Good Vibrations" and got 'em Monday night at the Funky Biscuit in Boca Raton. I was meeting up with 2 of my best buds, Jimmy Belize and the lovely Ms. Jackie(AA) Deering. --the AA does not stand for alcoholics anonymous---A warm greeting by club owner Al Poliak was an indication of the  feelings of friendship to come. Al sat down for a moment to chat. He was remembering his Dad. A hero who served his beloved America through 3 wars. WWII, Korea and VietNam. Al's Dad is laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery, an indication of his bravery. Jimmy informed us that Arlington was the plantation of Robert E. Lee and after the Civil War it was appropriated to be the final resting place for American heroes. 

Dave Shelly (guitar/vocal), Tom Regis (B3/keys), Drew Preston (guitar/vocals), Charlie Gaspar (bass) and Randy Ridenauer's (drums) "Hello" was hearty as well.

They had a guest artist, Rico Geragi on congas. A nice addition to the rhythm of the BLUES. In recognition of the upcoming Halloween the band opened with Dave singing "You May Be Daddy's Pumpkin". Staying with the spooky theme they played "It Might Be Superstition". Precision percussion prevailed at the Biscuit last night. Randy, Rico and surprisingly Dave playing Djimbe played solos, and combo sections that had everyone in the 'joint', shakin' and bakin'. Next was a New Orleans favorite titled "Congo Square". The tune is dedicated to a park in NOLA where drummers of every stripe gather to display their skills. I can only describe what I was hearing as a "Percussion Fest". Man O man!!!. 

They recognized the Allman Brothers and the recently passed Bobby 'BLUES' Bland when they played "The Way You Treated Me". Bob Grabau (tenor sax) joins the band when they do Muddy Waters' "Are You Ready For Me" and does his usual exciting solo. Ralph DeCurzio (drums) joins the band. They do a Reggae rhythm tune " Meet You Down there" followed with a Latin beat tone poem with tom Regis supplying clave patterns. Tom also has a Latin JAZZ band. The 2d set is the Jam set and starts with Bob doing "Paying My Rent In the Tower". Mark joins the group playing guitar and singing a couple of tunes from the 60's  and then does an inspired "Sister Ray". A BLUES vocalist Jacqie Jackson, recently arrived from St. Louis is up and does "Hootchy-Kootchy Man" and "Midnight Special". Another guitarist visiting from Paris steps to the stage. His name is Jerome Degey. Let me say that Jerome knows his BLUES. Everyone shifts to the 'shuffle' beat and Drew uses his pipes doing "Tell Me What I Do" and then "Locked In the Prison of Love" during which Jerome displayed his exceptional BLUES chops. In a conversation with Dave, he told me that his first instrument at 13 years old was drums, moving on to congas and then at 18 stating to play guitar. It shows the dedication necessary to become what I like to refer o as a "MUSICIAN".

The clock bore down on the evening. It was time for us, the musicians and the staff to go home. I shook Jimmy's hand, kissed the lovely Miss Jackie good night and 10 seconds later said "Hi" to the Real Tracy Fields. Fickle? Waddaumean? 

Al's Disclaimer:
A short note: The reason I write this is because I love music and words. I do not book acts. I do not promote acts. I do not accept invitations to review artists. I go to venues of my own choice. When and where is not influenced by anything other than who I would like to hear that night or day. If I don't like what I hear, I won't write about it. When I like it I let you all know. I never mention a name without asking permission. "Pardon me, Miss. Would you like to dance?"       

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