Saturday, August 31, 2013

JAZZ & BLUES FLORIDA September 2013 Edition Posted – Your FREE guide to live jazz & blues in Florida

The September, 2013 online edition of JAZZ & BLUES FLORIDA has been posted at in a new easy-to-read format. The issue is also in an easily down-loadable .pdf file format. The JBF monthly ezine gives our readers previews of local and touring artists with upcoming performances throughout Florida. Along with the ezine, the JBF website offers comprehensive listings of live jazz and blues music in clubs, concerts and festivals across the state. This month's features are:

·         Andy T & Nick Nixon
·         George Porter Jr. & the Runnin' Pardners
·         Konrad Paszkudzki Trio
·         Larry Coryell
·         Markus Gottschlich
·         Mud Morganfield/Claudette King
·         New Orleans Suspects
·         Pablo Gil
·         Sugawack
·         The Cazanovas
·         Uri Gurvitch Quartet

The main Jazz & Blues website  - - contains multiple facets and areas of interest for our visitors. Here is a helpful guide to the site and what JBF is and is not:

The home page of our website identifies the JBF logo and has an option to join our mailing list. Unlike other entities, Jazz & Blues Florida only sends music news to you based on your preferences for type of music interest, region of the state, and your choice of email frequency.

Banners at top, bottom and the right side of all website pages are paid promotional advertisements by our clients from and in the music scene. The tabs below the JBF logo take you to other areas of the site including our very popular jazz and blues news blog which is visited by over 13,000 readers/month and has a life-time readership of over 250,000. The JBF Blog contains both paid promotional information on upcoming events around the state as well as coverage of various live music performances and other articles of interest.

"Music Listings" provides hundreds of current and upcoming listings for clubs, concerts and festivals throughout the state of Florida, and is organized by region. JBF artist and venue clients are highlighted, linked, and mapped. Free listings are available by following the submission guidelines (see top of each region page).

JBF has an extensive years-long and continually updated library of photos and videos from music events in the jazz and blues world of Florida. Several places to view these are our Facebook page , our JBF YouTube channel , and our Blog. We post mostly short video clips of live performances to share what we are experiencing - and in many instances, to give you time to make it there for the show! We are not claiming to be professional videographers - but we DO confess to being genuine music lovers!

Browse the JBF site for other items of interest such as our collection of recommended links including live-streaming radio and web programming, educational resources and state-wide jazz and blues society information.

What Jazz & Blues Florida is NOT: We regularly receive numerous requests for types of services - many expecting free services - that are not a part of who we are and what we offer to our clients and/or readers. We are not a booking agency! However, our Music Listings are available for viewing by artists looking to book gigs as well as by all the music lovers out there looking for live music! Help yourself! If you are an artist and wish to be included in the Listings as one of the red highlighted/linked & mapped entries, you may contact us regarding the ultra-affordable "Premium Listing" service that we offer to have all your Florida gigs included in that manner. As any business must operate, our time and efforts must be directed towards those that support us - our clients - and we in turn offer 110% support in return. We simply do not have the time to spend offering free services to help artists, venues, or other music-related businesses when we have clients who deserve our time and efforts.

There are many services we can offer a potential client that we will be more than happy to discuss with you via email or phone. Our rates are more than affordable for the exposure you receive from our large data base of subscribers and contacts. No other similar entity can come close to our reasonable rates for the return you will receive in quality and depth of promotion. Please contact us if this interests you! This being said, we are not locked into a concrete format forever, and are constantly looking for alternatives to improve the music scene we involve ourselves in.

We also pride ourselves on being honest and straight-forward in our dealings, and the results of this is reflected in feedback we receive from our clients and readers ( We report real, substantiated numbers ( and are willing to provide any information requested that does not violate the trust put in us by our clients or readers.

We welcome new readers as well as advertisers to the Jazz & Blues Florida family. We strive to support and promote real music, by real people, in real places. We hope to see you out there in the music scene!

Any questions, just call…


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