Friday, July 20, 2012

Al Kanovsky Likes Jazz in Florida.

Submitted by Al Kanovsky, 7/19/12

Panama Francis, a drum man back in the day, said The drummer drives---everybody else rides". I thank all the JAZZ musicians for allowing me to come along. Yesterday was Danny Burgers birthday. Enough to say he is a proud grandfather and much younger than I. He also "drives". With Danny, sticks and skins, a band doesn't need much more to coast into a groove. At BJB's, Danny’s Showcase featured Tom McCormick on tenor and flute. Chuck Bergeron(bass) and Dolf Castellano (piano) completed the band. I had a tough choice to make. Ira Sullivan was appearing at PAX. Ira---Tom.  Tom----Ira.  Danny's birthday was the trump card. Ira's turn will be next week. A great, enthusiastic audience, had the group swinging. Their rendition of Bernie's Tune not only had you clappin' and tappin', it brought us to our feet with applause. There was one of those very special moments in JAZZ when Danny and Chuck traded "fours". I was fearful that I might have to call my cardiologist. WOW!!!! You must listen when Dolf solos. During one 32 bar chorus I recognized 15 song titles interspersed in the chord changes. Castellano's birthday is next week. He too is younger than me, believe it or not!!! Happy Birthday Danny and Dolf.

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